Women are roses, each a beautifully unique and special one

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God/universe/consciousness created the rose, and then felt inspired to create the woman

A rose is a symbol of beauty
The soft velvety petals, with their delicious fragrance, represent every inch of our skin and body
The thorns show our strength, determination and fearlessness
The stem is our universal journey of growth through life
In order to be complete and bloom into our true self, we need to discover and embrace the tough, as well as joyful life circumstances we will be presented with
We don’t have to run or cave down when faced with contrast
Maybe that is the only way we can realize our true power
We have to trust there is positive intent from a higher power
Nothing in the world compares to the depths our feelings can reach
Emotions radiate out and create reality, and that is why at times we have been oppressed and kept in negative ones
We have been deceived, sabotaged and turned against each other
We can all have what we want, and by helping one another we can increase our chances of success
We are beautifully different, but then again we’re all alike
We share the same dreams, hopes, fears and adversities in life
If we stand united, we can make the world as magical as we are!




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Madalina is an experienced certified professional, specialized in personal and professional development: Strategic Intervention Coaching , Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Coaching , Emotional Intelligence Coaching , Kundalini Yoga , Reiki energetic healing


  1. Anonymous  February 27, 2016

    Sweet, with just the right amount of spiciness. It does fit you well miss coach

    • Madalina  February 28, 2016

      Well, thank you! Could never be a one dimensional identity type of woman. I’ll freely express who I am, which will make waves at times, shake some passe mentalities, and overcome biases while exposing hypocrisy and societal taboos.


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