What is consciousness? What is ego?

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Our ego is not bad per se; it’s just an overused mechanism. Maybe we ought to redefine it, in order to conquer it. Maybe we can look at the ego as a biologically built-in app, an overzealous app, constantly involving our senses and labeling everything it perceives as a threat. What we need to remember, is that no matter how ridiculous the story, our ego has the basic intent of guaranteeing safety and personal thriving.
In order to ensure safety and thriving (whatever that thriving means at the time), the ego will devise infinite ways of convincing us to behave a certain way.
Afterwards, when we’re convinced our ego’s perception is the correct one, we act on those thoughts and establish behavioral habits. These habits of thinking, feeling and behaving a certain way subsequently shape who we are.
If we wouldn’t have a strong drive towards self-preservation and well-being, we would be incapable of protecting ourselves when faced with real danger.
Strategic Intervention coaching can help you understand why you do what you do, how you’re creating your life circumstances, and what/how you need to change in order to get the results you’re seeking.
The myriad of problems do not disappear until the individual understands how the problems in their life also create satisfaction, and decides to put more value on getting the desired outcomes through positive vehicles.
There is a reason for everything we do, and when that reason is uncovered, the solution can also be found, because now we know our real intent. People go to therapy so they can eliminate a problem, but 99% of the time they discover that the real problem causing the surface problem they came in for is not the one they thought it is. You want to lose weight, you go to a nutritionist, you get yourself a personal trainer, you write affirmations and start your journey towards weight loss. A few days into the program, you start thinking about all the food you would like to have, about the pleasure of eating those foods, about how much you weigh and how you will never be able to lose it etc…Because you do not have a complete understanding as to why you overeat, even after you lose some weight, you will likely go back to your previous habits and gain it all back. Lasting change needs to have a solid why behind it, otherwise the change cannot become a lifestyle. Once you start unveiling your true needs and values in life, you start discovering the ways you have been trying to fulfill those needs and the unhealthy devices you thought to be beyond your power of control.
Then, we can replace that excuse of a solution with a healthier alternative, which will give the desired results without the negative side effects, and will also build positive momentum for other changes to take place in your life. The better you do, the better you will want to do in other areas of your life, the worse you do in one area, the more you feel like giving up on everything else in your life.
Working with the mind and re-programming detrimental self/ worldly beliefs or behaviors, as well as understanding habitual destructive emotions, will lead to a lessening of the automatic ego driven behaviors, and the flourishing of a gentle desire for self-actualization.
You can’t eliminate a problem; your awareness of the problem perpetuates the problem and builds a web of temptation that will keep you stuck there. All you can do is replace problematic behaviors with healthy alternatives, and focus on building a lifestyle based on those healthy habits.
You know better, but you cannot help yourself, that’s the usual story you give yourself when you can’t overcome a bad habit, right? You first need to understand how and why you enjoy your problem, what are you getting out of it, how is it fulfilling your needs? What does it give you, to make you willingly accept the negative consequences accompanying it?
Inside ourselves lies all the power we need; it is a shift in mentality bringing about a shift in our state of being, which generates behaviors that will produce wellbeing in our lives.

“It helps if you remember that everyone is doing their best, from their level of consciousness”-Deepak Chopra


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