We will always be Daddy’s little girl or boy..Happy Father’s Day dads!

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Let’s count our blessings and remember that any man can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a dad.

Hope this post inspires you and makes you stop for a moment and ponder on all those beautiful memories you share with your dad. Let’s focus on this day on love, the goodness and the care our dads showered us with.

Write down special moments you remember experiencing with your dad. They can be from any point in time, it doesn’t matter the life-stage you were in. What matters is that by focusing on these memories you will fill your heart with gratitude and joy. Then, maybe you will make it a habit in cherishing both of your parents on a regular basis.

So daddy, here it is for you:

Thanks for waking up for years in a row at my 2 am crazy nighttime routine and preparing my toast with butter and jelly and my hot cocoa. I don’t know how you found the tenacity to never say no, but instead you woke up each time and smiling watched me enjoy my meal.

Thanks for doing the same routine in the morning, when mom had to leave early for work, and thanks for never caring that we would always be a little late for kindergarten. You understood and agreed that it was much more important for us to finish watching my favorite cartoons ;)..

Thanks for letting me drive at 7 or 8 years old,when we got our car, even though mom said to not dare do that. I almost crashed our car, but hey, we had lots of fun and I felt awesome and powerful doing that!

Thanks for understanding how important it was for us to go every week and check out the new dolls in the store, and for always buying me whatever I wanted. Even though my room was full of them you never cared I wanted another one. Thanks for cherishing those memories and keeping some of them even now in your room. I know they remind you of those times and I am the luckiest girl alive to have such a sensitive father.

Thanks for discussing with me the books I was reading, and thanks mom for encouraging in me a love for expressing my thoughts in writing.

Thanks for planting our garden, at grandpa’s house, every year with my favorite flowers and for making sure that for my birthday in April the house will be full with tulips. I loved that garden so much and it made me very happy to be able to walk through them and know there will always be new ones to enjoy depending on the season.

Thanks for raising rabbits just because I loved playing with them, and for convincing mom to let me keep the kitten I brought home.

Thanks for convincing mom to let me drop out of Law school and come to US to study. She was very scared and did not agree. If it would not have been for you maybe all this would not be possible.

You said: “If this is what you want, go and enroll in school, see how you like it, and know that if you don’t, it’s ok to come back home and figure out what you want to do next”. Your support meant a lot in those moments and knowing that it is ok to make mistakes helped me relax about the whole transition.

These are some of the special moments we shared and even though I might not always say it, I do appreciate you a lot and as I mature I understand you more and more, both from a past as well as present perspective.

Happy Father’s Day dad, and Happy Father’s Day to all the cool dads out there!


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