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If you suffered a loss in the past and are now faced with making a decision that might bring the same outcomes, be sure to separate the unconscious tendency of protection you then established from the present situation. When faced with loss, we go into crisis mode and we unconsciously establish patterns of behavior that we think will protect us from ever experiencing the same trauma again. For example somebody that has been lied to before will decide to either lie to others for selfish reasons, to not lie to others but also not trust people, or do both. It is very important to look back at events in our life and the decisions we made in that crisis mode because it will affect the quality of our lives.

Making a key decision strategy
• Write down your options and the advantages and disadvantages of each action route. Don’t do wishful thinking but write down what you really think and feel will happen if you go that route for each one of your options.
• Ask yourself:
1. What will make me really happy, what is it that I want the most to happen?
2. What is my intuition telling me about this?
3. What are the obstacles or fears I have when thinking of making this decision?
4. What do I have to lose if I make this decision and the outcome is not what I expected?
5. In a year from now on, how will my life look like if I make this decision?
6. What is the best-case scenario and what is the worst-case scenario for this decision?
7. What do I have to lose if I don’t make it? What are the regrets associated that might surface later?
8. How will I feel about myself if I make this decision?
9. Are my values and primary needs guiding this decision? If not, what is?
10. How is my life and my partner’s or family’s life going to be affected if I go this route?

Learn to have a lighter step on the planet, inform yourself about your nature as a spiritual being having a human experience. You are energy and information at your core, you are part of a larger energy field given different names by different religions: God, Consciousness, Krishna, Allah, Buddha etc.
This energy field is pure positive potential and it is always calling you towards your happiness and wellbeing. The way you can connect with it, hear the messages and walk the path being lighted towards what you want is by staying in positive emotions, by being and doing good things, by appreciating what you have so you can receive more.
You attract your life through your thoughts and emotions. The most important law of this universe is Law of Attraction, which is constantly working for you and can only bring you what you expect from life. Everybody receives what they deserve from life, even though it might seem to you that some people gain by being bad, don’t have any doubt that they will get back what they put out in some way and at a specific time.
By doing the right thing you will feel good about yourself and even though you might have to learn some tough lessons or let go of some fears, if you have clear intentions and a positive attitude you will receive exactly what you want. Might not be in the form you expected it but for sure it will have the essence of what you want. Expect the best from life and this universe will have a wonderful way of surprising you with even better outcomes than you imagined.
Be clear about what you want to experience on a feeling level. Everything we want in life is because we think that by having it we will be happy, so take the shortcut and focus yourself on what makes you happy so you can attract those situations in your life faster. Visualize it, think about it, immerse yourself in experiences that make you feel like it is here for you.
I know that if you are not familiar with quantum physics, law of attraction, or your nature as a vibrational being all this sounds far fetched, but my advice to you is to give it a shot and inform yourself about it. What do you have to lose by gaining a new perspective in life?
If life has not been working out for you until now, reconsider why that is, what are your thoughts and what emotions are those thoughts keeping you in on a day-to-day basis. What are the behaviors that stem from that? Ask yourself how that correlates with your life experience.
Know that even when something bad happens to you and you get hurt or disappointed, it is only a temporary thing. If you can pull yourself together and focus your mind on what you can appreciate and be happy about in your life, you will come out not only stronger but this universe will also be able to deliver to you the essence of your desires. Sometimes what you think you want is not really going to make you happy in the long run and so by focusing on the essence of what you want and leaving the details of how/what/when to the universe you will attract the best of it.
We think we know the only way our desire can come true, but we lack the broad awareness of our source. This source knows better what you truly want, and if some things don’t go the way you wanted them to, that is because something better awaits you. We have the tendency to cling to what is, to get attached to things or people that don’t really make us happy because we fear feeling even worse without them.
Occasionally we need to learn certain lessons the hard way in order to bring clarification into our values, beliefs and desires in life. Nevertheless, life is always on your side, this universe conspires to bring you what you want. If you can appreciate more and complain less, if you can focus on doing more of what brings you joy in life and less on what others say you should do, you will feel better. That feeling better translates on an energetic level in an increased vibrational frequency of your energy field, which in turn attracts those desired life circumstances.

The emotional scale (*1)


What you want is aligned with those higher emotions of happiness, passion, joy, power. In order to manifest those life circumstances you need to find ways of living in those higher emotions. When something unwanted happens, it is because your mind has been focused on negative outcomes related to that thing you want instead of the positive outcomes you want. You felt mostly worry, blame, anger or even despair. By feeling like this for a while you started attracting the events or people that mirrored to you your internal emotional make-up. Be happy because at least you gain awareness of what you are doing and what you need to change.
The polarity principle this universe is built on makes it so that every desire has the potential of manifesting what is wanted or what is not wanted. Depending on what you focus more you send a vibration through your energy field that will attract that essence. If you want love in your life but focus more on that not being possible, you will attract people that will take advantage of you, disappoint you and basically treat you as you particularly fear and expect to be treated. In this way will get to reinforce that victim mentality and beliefs even more and so the vicious cycle continues. Have you wondered why you attract the same type of relationships in your life, the same financial or health situation? Your external reality reflects your mindset. The scenery might change; meaning different places, different faces but the essence will be the same if you don’t change yourself.
You are energy in motion and have the power to create your life.
Be an empowered creator not a reactor in life.


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