The 12 universal Jungian Archetypes we embody in our personality

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In his book “ The structure of the Psyche”, Carl Jung explains: “All the most powerful ideas in history go back to archetypes. This is particularly true of religious ideas, but the central concepts of science, philosophy, and ethics are no exception to this rule. In their present form they are variants of archetypal ideas created by consciously applying and adapting these ideas to reality. For it is the function of consciousness, not only to recognize and assimilate the external world through the gateway of the senses, but to translate into visible reality the world within us.”


These archetypes represent the blueprint we use when modeling our identity and behaviors. Universal archetypes are deep emotional motivations for a certain identity, and are present within the collective unconscious of all people representing fundamental human themes of our experience as we evolve. Even though we all embody different levels of each archetype, one or two will define who we are and each will have a different model of the world (set of values, beliefs and meanings to give to their life experience).


The specific model of the world coupled with the desire of fulfilling our primary 2 human needs, will make a person embody a certain archetype more than necessary, and that a lot of times brings imbalance and inner conflicts. When you don’t have your priorities set and cannot figure out which need is more important for you, you will embody conflicting archetypes, such as the lover (loyalty and commitment) vs the explorer( variety, quantity) or the warrior( winning, being right) vs the caregiver( giving, being understanding). A lot of times people want love but they got used to feeling significant through some immoral behavior and that will destroy their relationships. When we don’t know or are afraid we cannot meet our most ardent need, which is love and connection, we will break our own moral rules and behave in a manner that we know is wrong. Why? Because we have more control over getting short term pleasure and significance, in comparison to being open to real connections, investing and trusting. What if we open up and devote ourselves and then end up being hurt? It is very sad, but 95% of people will choose partners based on some safe connection not on love. We live in a society full of conflicting images and we lose hope that honest, pure love between two people can exist anymore.


The Innocent
: you are usually described as a dreamer, conservative, naïve or romantic. You want freedom of self-expression for yourself and others, happiness and idealistic life circumstances. What you fear is to be wrong or be punished for some bad behavior, therefore you will live a life of seeking to do the right thing. What you should be careful with is being taken advantage off due to your faith in goodness and optimism.

The Hero
: you are often described as a warrior, rescuer or leader. You believe anything can be achieved if you put your mind and determination to it. You believe courage and desire to change the world for the better is what everybody should aspire to. 
Because of that your greatest fear is being a coward, being weak or vulnerable. Of course due to this your challenges will be to let go and not always be in control, and to open up emotionally, which to you means being vulnerable. You can be very arrogant and superficial in life, always looking for the next battle or prize to win and failing to appreciate those around you. Due to that your relationships will suffer greatly and you might suffer from loneliness, since people move away from you once they feel they can’t trust you.

The Caregiver: you are usually called the saint, the altruist, and the good mother. 
You understand life to be about loving others, you want to care and protect and what you fear the most is selfishness, rudeness and ingratitude. You can be very sensitive and fall into feelings of victimhood easily, but you can rise above that through your strengths, which are compassion and generosity.

The Nice Guy or Gal
: you are often called the good neighbor, a regular guy or gal. You believe in equality of all things, and your biggest desire is to connect with people around you. Of course your biggest fear is to be left out or to feel like an outcast, that is why you don’t seek individuality but commonality. You strive to be solid, grounded, and real and your challenges might be a loss of personal power or sense of identity due to your desire of sameness. Your strength can come from your empathy, realism and modesty.

The Rebel: you are often called wild, the outlaw, nonconformist, 
maverick, and badass. You believe rules are made to be broken and your biggest fear is to be powerless or ineffective. 
If someone does you wrong you will invest everything in taking revenge. You want to overturn the status quo, surprise or disrupt the normal way of doing things. You crave excitement and that can be a great gift if you are balanced, but if not you can easily cross boundaries hurting others and yourself in the end.

The Explorer
: you are often called a individualist, adventurer, pilgrim, seeker. Your desire is to be free to explore new things in order to find yourself and due to that live an authentic, happy life. You want a big life, full of excitement, joy and growth. Due to that your biggest fears are being trapped in unhappy life circumstances, having to conform to values you don’t agree or feeling empty inside. You like to envision what happiness means to you and then seek out the avenues to experience that. Your weakness might come from having very high standards for yourself and others, but you can transform that into a gift by clearly defining your values and being true to yourself about what works or not in your life. Compromising on your values will mean torture and slow death of the soul.

The Lover
: you are often called the other half, spouse, sensualist. You believe in the “One”, true consuming passionate devoted love for one person. You desire intimacy, sensual pleasure, an exciting life to be shared with your loved one. You can appreciate different qualities in potential partners but know that only one can make your heart sing, you feel incomplete without your half and that is why your goal in life is to become extremely attractive physically, emotionally and spiritually, so that when you will meet that person you will be ready for them. 
What you fear most is being disappointed by people you believe in, or not being adored and loved enough. You have tremendous passion, appreciation and devotion in your relationships. Your weakness might come from being easily disappointed if someone makes mistakes or from losing your individuality by believing in and giving so much to a not so ideal partner, that you hurt yourself in the process.

The Creator: you are also called the innovator, the writer, musician, painter, the dreamer and artist. You know that if you can dream about it, you can achieve it. You have a higher understanding of all material things being just a thought first and that coupled with your imagination and artistic nature will create amazing avenues for self-expression and bring beauty in the world. Your biggest desire is to create beauty and value in all things, to be a visionary and change the world for the better. Your weakness can be perfectionism or losing hope in your power to achieve greatness and kill your soul by living in mediocrity.

The Sage
: you are also called the scholar, entrepreneur, philosopher, researcher or mentor. You believe life is about knowledge, since knowledge is power. You want to find the universal truth about who and why are we here, what is the purpose of all this? You are intellectual and inquisitive in nature and love to understand thought processes, human behavior and the world. After careful analysis you self reflect and then bring knowledge to others for better ways of living life. Your biggest fear is being an ignorant or being deceived. You are very smart and wise but due to your contemplative nature might overthink things and postpone action.

The Jester: also called the comedian, the trickster or the wisecracker. You 
have a joyful nature and believe that life should be fully lived with fun and pleasure. You want to uplift others and show them they should have a lighter step on the planet. You fear more than death being bored or being boring and because of that you might become too frivolous and waste time not accomplishing too much in life. Balance would be brought for you through an awareness that you can play hard but you should also work hard.

The Ruler: you are often called a leader, king, queen or role model. You crave control more than anything else because you believe power is everything that matters in life. You are responsible and have big desires in creating the perfect family, business or community around you. Because of your intense desire for excellence and authoritarian nature you might be too pushy or micromanage those around you making them feel like they are not enough. Out of this also comes your fear of chaos and being sabotaged by those working for you. You do that because you intend the best results and cannot trust anyone with such a task, but you have to be careful and choose people you can trust around you so you can relax and not become overwhelmed with too many things.

The Magician: also known as the enchanter, enchantress, genius, inventor, healer, and wizard. You are very confident in making things happen because you know how to look for the skills to gain that power. Your biggest wish is to embody all your power and discover the universal laws through which you can make desires become reality. You immerse yourself in getting the knowledge of abstract universal concepts, make the vision and then apply it to get results. People often find you interesting and coming from a different world. Your perception in life is that of a higher dimension, you are concerned with the best way of doing things. Due to this your biggest fear is rushing into something without making sure you will not suffer unintentional negative consequences.


When you know which archetypes rule the show in yourself and others you gain perception of values, motivations and behaviors. Then, you can make a decision as to what has to stay and what needs to change in order to achieve the balanced, ideal version of yourself and of the people you want to associate with.



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