Tantric sensuality

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Tantric sensuality
“Rose is a very multi-faceted flower which allows for a large creation scope. From the most transparent to the most sensual.
It throws light on an accord. Metallic, velvety, cristalline, watery, aldehydic, spicy, DELICATE or STRONG.
Those are the many facets of Lady Rose”
Olivier Pole, Perfumer
It’s not about the type of clothing you wear, but all about how you feel in your body when you wear them, or nothing at all
It’s not about just dancing, but all about how you dance and how you feel when you dance
It’s about feeling every moment, softly, slowly and completely
A very true saying tells us that the slower the kiss, the faster the heartbeat
It’s not about having just a partnership, but about feeling that irresistible pull towards the other. If it is only a friendship, then it is a partnership. But if there is passion, then no matter what happens in life there will always be a strong bond pulling those two souls together.
It’s not about domination, but about a desire to give tremendous pleasure and about letting yourself feel that pleasure without the guilt which has been ingrained in our mentality in order to divide us
By letting yourself feel that pleasure you provoke tremendous pleasure in return
Learning to cherish your body by taking care of it, by feeling your own rhythm and letting that smooth internal rhythm teach you what a wonderful work of art you are
There isn’t a woman on this earth not driven by the desire to be wanted
The more desired you are the more options to choose you have
Each and every one of us wants to look at the man of our choice and see how she owns his soul
Not in a dominating kind of owning, because as females we need to feel wanted and we do have a desire to feel that the man chases and proves worthy
But a kind of owning where his senses want to be immersed and intoxicated with your presence
It is the strongest impulse we all have, and instead of healing each other and humanity we perverted it, we degraded it, we used it as a weapon, we made it into something dirty and sinful
Yet we are all aware that it stands at the core of all creation
If you don’t look forward to feeling those sensations, then you have not yet met the right person and experienced what you should be experiencing
It is meant to enrich life and it can heal humanity, it can heal any problem a couple might face in life
Sexual healing, I believe, is a concept we still need to understand and learn to cherish and respect.
There wasn’t a snake tricking Eve in the so called Garden of Eden
There was only a snake who could not help himself from tasting a delicious apple
Afterwards, when he realized the power it had over him, and that it owned his soul, he became afraid
Afraid of losing its identity
Afraid of losing control
And so needed to find something to blame her for, something that would help him detach and regain its self control and power
The apple in turn felt confused and became angry
Withdrew, and learned not to trust and manipulate, since it did not have the physical power needed to win the war
That is how the war started and it has been the most devastating one, because it is an unconscious one.
Behind the veils of illusion, behind the ignorance and maliciousness we have been oppressed with,
Behind the guilt and shame thrown at us in order to control us,
there is a wild, playful and happy woman, in each one of us,
Let her re-emerge
Sensuality is a powerful gift.. using it in order to harm another is bad
But what is also bad is not being able to feel and express it because others try to put you down for it
Love who you are and don’t be afraid to express it
You are the most important person in your life
If you’re not on your side, love and support yourself, know who you are and believe in your dreams, who do you think will?
As someone said “ A successful woman is the one who can build an empire with the stones others threw at her”.



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