Self Love- Free eBook Release 3/26/15

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Hello peeps, since I received emails regarding the release of the free eBook on Self Love, I am happy to see you are eagerly waiting for it, and a little embarrassed to say I need one more week to finish it.

I apologize for rushing on the release date, but due to embarking on a new contract and managing previous competing projects, it was impossible for me to complete the eBook as well.

As always I would rather wait a bit, in order to be able to touch upon all the subjects I have in mind, instead of rushing and releasing it tonight.

Thanks for the understanding and I promise you it will be worth the wait. It already covers a lot of topics in the 170 pages it now has, and like I said I am planning on adding some new topics and finish it this coming week.

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Madalina is an experienced certified professional, specialized in personal and professional development: Strategic Intervention Coaching , Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Coaching , Emotional Intelligence Coaching , Kundalini Yoga , Reiki energetic healing

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