Reiki Benefits

Physical body

1. Promotes and accelerates our bodies own natural ability to heal any type of disease
2. Promotes restful and deep sleep
3. Balances our energy centers (Chakras) in the body, therefore promoting health at the organs and bodily functions
4. Strengthens the immune system allowing it to better deal with daily stress and viruses and helps with releasing addiction
5. Removes toxins from the body and relieves pain-headaches, backaches, relaxing the muscles
6. Relaxes and reduces stress
7. It is used along with conventional health practices and medicine and also in hospitals

Mental body

1. Releases blocked and suppressed feelings and emotions, relaxing our mind and improving our ability to focus positively towards our goals
2. Improves the ability to concentrate, clarity of the mind and better decision making abilities
3. Enhances personal awareness and interpersonal skills, due to decreased levels of stress
4. Boosts creativity, improves memory and energy levels

Emotional body

1. Releases fears and phobias, anxiety and stress
2. Promotes self love, self esteem and confidence
3. Balances emotions and helps one naturally radiate positivity due to increased energetic frequency
4. Enhances social skills and promotes peaceful interactions

Spiritual body

1. Increases intuition and psychic abilities
2. Helps tap into true potential and inner knowledge
3. Brings deep connection with oneself, fostering enlightenment


The word Reiki is from Japanese and comes from two words – Rei- meaning “Universal Wisdom or Spiritual Consciousness” and
Ki- meaning “life force energy”. It is the life force energy that animates every living thing.It is the same life energy called “Prana”, “Qi”, “Chi” etc.

Reiki can be translated as spiritually guided life force energy or the universal wisdom that knows everything and therefore can guide the life force for the benefit of all involved.It is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that can promote any type of healing.


a) Symbol in the center of the logo means Reiki( the spiritually guided life force energy)

b) the upward triangle means our movement as humanity towards a higher power or God

c) the downward triangle means God’s movement towards humanity

d) since these two triangles are united, we can understand that consciousness and humanity are working together in harmony

e) the sixteen petaled flower is a symbol of the throat chakra or constant communication between us and God

f) the twelve petaled flower is the symbol of love and the heart chakra

So Reiki represents the harmonious relationship between God and humanity through the language of love.

It is administered by having the practitioner either lay his/her hands on a specific area or from guiding the energy from a distance and letting consciousness direct the life force into the patient’s field of energy exactly in the needed way. Reiki has its own intelligence and does not need to be guided, because the energy is guided by consciousness and it always knows what a person needs and will adjust itself to fulfill that need.

The practitioner of Reiki, let’s go and only keeps a pure intention of offering him/herself as a conduit for the consciousness of the universe to transmit what is needed for healing to take place in the patient. At times healing symbols will be drawn in the air over a specific area that needs healing or as a general theme over all of the chakras as to balance all bodies.

The patient relaxes and receives the energy, a lot of times people feel a warm glowing radiance surrounding them, or feel waves of energy moving throughout their body from head to toe and back.The treatment is beneficial for both patient and healer.

When our life force is high, we feel healthy, energized and happy but when it is low and pinched we get sick, depressed or feel apathy. We are alive due to the life energy or Ki( Chi, Prana etc) within us and this energy is responsive to our thoughts and emotions and takes those characteristics. It flows within our physical body through pathways called chakras, meridians and nadis as well as our energetic bodies which make up our aura’s field of energy all around us. So when we think positive thoughts and emotions, the life force flows freely through us and we feel amazing but when we don’t the we get sick and have imbalances at the energetic levels which afterwards translate themselves into physical ailments( see article on Kirlian Photography of energy fields).

Reiki is spiritual in nature but it is not a dogma or religion, you don’t have to believe in anything to experience the benefits of it.

It is an ancient science which has been made mainstream by Usui Mikao in the 1900 and throughout time has brought miraculous healing to any known illness or injury from heart disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, migraines, broken bones, arthritis, flu, insomnia, chronic fatigue etc.


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