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Our cells are alive, conscious, constantly renewing themselves and communicating with each other. They absorb our thoughts, and then change their chemistry accordingly. Illness in the physical body does not happen over night. It is an accumulation of chemical messages sent first through thoughts regarding illness, then those thoughts create emotions, and those negative emotions weaken our immune system while generating a breakdown of the physical apparatus.

Through meditation you consciously slow your brainwaves, and in this manner you change your state and frequency of your cells.


Transcendental meditation- comes from Vedanta in the Hindu tradition. When you meditate you sit in the Lotus position and chant a mantra or sacred sound, for ex Om. This practice of chanting focuses our mind, and helps us calm it.


Kundalini meditation- also comes from Vedanta. In the same fashion as Kundalini Yoga, the focus is on awakening our infinite pure potential, by fostering the energy asleep in the form of a coiled snake at the back of our spine. The focus is on deep breathing, controlling of heart rate and feeling our energy field expanding outward. Concentrate on a point in your body, imagine a ball of golden light forming there and start expanding it in concentric circles, radiating and pulsing out into the universe. Read more about chakras here:


Mindfulness meditation- letting thoughts come to us and observing them with emotional detachment. The focus here has to be on our breath, with an intention of breathing slowly and deeply, so we can adjust the frequency of our brainwaves and the energy flowing through our bodies.


Zen meditation-comes from the Buddhist tradition and it is also referred to as “sitting meditation”. Here you are sitting in the Lotus position, and for long periods of time concentrate on a word or philosophical concept, reaching for oneness with all that is. There is no particular focus on the breath here.


Qigong meditation- is a Taoist form of meditation, which uses the breath to circulate energy through the organs and chakras in an oval pattern called “ the microcosmic orbit”. There are three main points of focusing the energy in this pattern, our forehead (or third eye), our chest (or heart chakra) and our navel (or sacral chakra).

“Qigong is not exercise-it is dynamic meditation. Doing repetitions is not the focus-it is conscious application of the three intentful corrections-lengthen the spine, deepen the breath, clear the mind or visualize healing”-Dr. Roger Jahnke OMD


Guided visualization- where the focus of the mind is on a goal, image, sensation, letting your imagination run freely, creating positive feelings and a state of wellbeing. This is the state artists live in and get their inspiration from.

If you want to create a certain condition in your body or life, you visualize the outcomes you desire.

For example, you suffer from an illness and what you want is healthy cells. You focus your mind on that ill spot in your body. You then visualize the color of those sick cells, and go with whatever color you feel a sick cell has. Then, you start flooding them with a healing color, washing over and rejuvenating those cells, bringing them back to health through the process of homeostasis. You do this process every day for at least 10 minutes and you stay flexible with the new ideas and ways of bringing yourself back to health. Your imagination will start developing new ways of producing that healthy environment, it is important you follow it, because your belief will transform your cells.


Contemplative meditation- is mainly observation and appreciation of beauty in nature or art. It is a feeling of gratitude while immersing your senses in the magical philosophy of art- Aesthetics.


Did you know cats live in a meditative state, with purr vibrations between the ranges of 20-140 Hz? They are natural healers, energetically sensitive to their environments, absorbing negative energy and transforming it.

These purring sounds release endorphins, lower stress levels, decrease the risk of heart attack with 40%, heal broken bones, lower blood pressure, and bring many more benefits. A cat will heal you just by being in her presence, as long as you remember that you can’t overpower her in any way. Cats were worshipped by ancient evolved civilizations for established good reasons; it is an instinctual memory at play.


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