Our seven energetic bodies

Our seven energetic bodies 1st paragraph
Everything in the universe is energy and we are made out of empty space and energy as well. Besides our physical body which we got used to interpret with our physical senses, we also have an etheric energy field a.k.a an aura. The aura is an extension of the physical body and contains seven energetic bodies:the physical/etheric, the emotional, the lower mental, the astral, the higher mental, the buddhic and the spirit body (*1).Within the aura we also have seven chakras, and each of our energetic bodies corresponds to a certain chakra. The chakras are vortexes of energy through which we receive and vibrate out life force (Prana/Chi/Qi), and without it we could not survive because our physical body feeds itself with this energy through the etheric body.


Our seven energetic bodies 2nd paragraph
The Physical/Etheric Body is affected by your thoughts and emotions and translates that information so you can better understand it. Whenever you get to experience sickness in your physical body that is because you kept ignoring your fearful thoughts, which then created fearful emotions which you probably repressed and then the last step is that all that is being transferred into your physical body as a loud cry for your attention. It is very important to cherish your body and nourish it properly, exercise or do yoga, and most importantly learn to feel everything in your body. Instead of getting stuck in your mind, feel the feelings in your body, because that is the way Source is communicating to you your alignment or misalignment with what you desire. Your heart is is your only true guidance for creating a better life for yourself, because your ego mind perceives everything through the filter of past experiences and focuses on past hurts and danger at all time, but your heart will tell you how you’re vibrating and let you know that you have to shift your thoughts and feelings in order to reach your desired destination. So learn to become aware and feel where the dense lower energy is located in your body and focus on relaxing that area and moving that energy throughout your body and out. The physical body has to do with being grounded, physical sensation and it is associated with the root chakra and the earth element and the energetic field has a bluish or grey color.


Our seven energetic bodies 3rd paragraph
The Emotional Body contains all of your past conscious or unconscious traumatic or pleasurable experiences and it is the one with the most power of creation because when you attach feelings to your thoughts the vibration you send out is much more powerful. Being aware of perceived wounds and lower emotions is crucial in this process of self-mastery because you will react automatically due to these lower energetic layers present in your subconscious and feel the same emotions day after day without realizing that whatever negative experience you had was in the past, you created it with a low vibration and now you are re-creating it and even worst creating a belief that that is reality, when actually it is not. There are only two emotions Love or Fear, every other emotion stems from these two, and your power is in following Love and perceiving life through that lens, everything else is an illusion created by your ego mind’s skewed perception and you need to let go of that. Fears that happened in our past, mostly in our childhood, and our interpretation of the event made us form unhealthy beliefs. So the inner dialogue starts and we begin by telling ourselves stories about the event, about us, about people, or life in general and shortly after that story gets anchored in our brains and the Ego kicks in with the pretense of defending us. Once the Ego kicks in, our behaviors and patterns will run automatically and we will spend each day trying to protect and defend ourselves in order to avoid the perceived pain or danger instead of experiencing life as new and fresh in every moment.

Your emotions of unworthiness, sadness, guilt, envy, blame, anger, resentment, frustration, impatience, doubt and negative expectations can be deeply embedded in your emotional body and you need to be aware, experience them and raise their vibration into REAL emotions such as confidence, self love, joy, passion, positive expectations, appreciation and SELF POWER.The emotional body corresponds with the sacral chakra and the element of water, and can have really bright beautiful colors when we are in positive emotions or muddy ones when we are confused or in negativity. The emotional body encompasses all the colors of the rainbow. The lesson is that we need to flow like water does, being open to new ideas and experiences, flexible in accepting the present and open to creating a new beginning in every moment. Our emotions can flow peacefully or forcefully when we resist and try to stop them from moving.


Our seven energetic bodies 4th paragraph
The Lower Mental Body is designed to be a wonderful tool of creation once you get in touch with your Real Self and understand how you can use your focus and power as a conscious creator, so you can visualize and create the stories and experiences you want to have on this plane instead of letting it control you through fear. Your mind consist of your Ego mind(fear based) and your consciousness( God’s mind), and since you have around 60 000 thoughts a day from which around 95% of them are the same ones every day, it would be better off implementing some thought patterns that are beneficial to you. Your mind follows the same habitual patterns and you get to think in the same way every day, having the same thoughts, attract the same circumstances and create the same reality, based on your beliefs, maybe with little variation from situation to situation but still matching those underlying beliefs and responding in the same ways.

That is why meditation and yoga are the most amazing tools you have for quieting the Egoic mind, that constant chatter, and instead become centered and peaceful. The lower mental body is associated with the solar plexus chakra, having a yellow color and being associated with the air element. The main component here is conscious focus in choosing to shift from reactive automatic thoughts to thoughts of empowerment, appreciation and love for ourselves and life.


Our seven energetic bodies 5th paragraph
The Astral Body is the first body that connects you to the spiritual states of being, it stores your desires, imagination and empowers your thoughts and emotions towards fulfilling manifestations.Depending on how balanced it is, the astral body is comprised of all of your lower(negative) or higher(positive) emotions and desires for loving service towards others or fulfilling your selfish Egoic needs.This is the seat of your heart chakra and exactly like the emotional body has rainbow colors and a lot of times it is called the emotional body because it is tied to both the heart chakra and the emotion of love. Besides having the rainbow colors this body also has rose golden shades and when you radiate love or are in love if you would take specialized pictures of your field you would observe intense shades of pink going around you or between you and the other person.This is the bridge between the human realm and the spiritual realm, it all starts with love.





Our seven energetic bodies 6th paragrah
Higher Abstract Mind/Individual Soul encompasses higher mental processes and knowing our truth and having the courage to express it. It is concerned with communication and that means communication in the literal sense, our clarity of verbal and written communication but it also means our communication with our world. From NLP we know that we interpret the world( linguistics) through certain mental/emotional/behavioral learned patterns and those patterns are inaccurate or unhealthy when this field is imbalanced because we generalize and make distortions based on our past experience. When this field is balanced we have access to higher awareness and psychic abilities. This body is associated with the throat chakra and its color is blue, with white or golden hues when the person is focusing on thinking/feeling love, joy, peace and acceptance towards self and the world or can take darker muddy shades when the person is focusing on thinking/feeling limiting, fearful, judgmental thoughts.


Buddhic/Intuitive Body is concerned with oneness, consciousness, creative intelligence, wisdom and loving service towards humanity and it is associated with the third eye chakra. Spiritual vision and bliss is what is present here and this is our essence which has been successfully refined through many incarnations in physicality with the purpose of embodying unconditional love and wisdom gained through intuitive states. This body is represented by our thinking part( which can be still Egoic or more refined) as well as our divine spark, and the choice to shift ourselves towards a loving perception or towards a selfish one is in our power. This means that you do have to love yourself first, meaning being and having all the things that bring you joy, and only after that be concerned with how you can make the world a better place. There are a lot of false ideas out there that you should not care about money, or not socialize and have a normal life if you want to be spiritual, so don’t buy into them, they are just limited concepts coming from a limited and full of guilt egoic mind states. Throughout time humanity has taken its limited, restricted qualities and has assigned them to an authoritative figure in the sky that stays there separate from them, judging and expecting to be worshiped and in the name of that authority horrible crimes and acts of injustice were committed. Those are primitive concepts that do not have anything to do with the loving source inside of you. The universal intelligence does not expect sacrifices from you or has any heavy expectations that you should do or be a certain way, it adores you exactly the way you are even when you condemn and loath yourself, and the only thing it wants for you is that you enjoy this experience. You came here to experience enjoyment of life so if your desires are for certain experiences you need to take care of yourself and be happy first if you want to make other people happy as well, the change has to come from inside you first.The universal consciousness is expressing itself though each one of us here and gave us free will so we can all create amazing diverse circumstances, that is why we have different talents that we come here with. A buddhist monk meditating and sending positive energy in the world can do as much good as a self empowerment teacher or a regular teacher that sculpts minds in this world, or a baker that bakes with love, the comparisons and judgments come from the ego mind and are to de disregarded.

So, whatever makes your soul sing is in alignment with the Divine Intelligence and sends ripples of positive energy in the universe affecting the collective consciousness of humanity. Being happy compels you to always grow and evolve, and it all comes from a place of joy- enjoyment of life- not sacrifice. It makes all the difference in the world.


Spiritual Body in a nutshell represents our knowingness in being one with our creator, and it is associated with the crown chakra.

I believe this poem by Rumi says it all:

“Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase each other doesn’t make any sense”

It is the realm of self mastery and knowingness of our existence as vibrational beings connected with the consciousness who created us and is us, that higher part of us, our Loving Self where the Ego does not exist anymore. This is where the Kundalini life force resides as well,and self realization is achieved when this energy travels up awakening each chakra and connecting with the Crown Chakra. In these moments the person realizes that there is no separation between him/her and the universal consciousness. Our body and nervous system are vehicles for our consciousness and when we get to be fully attuned to who we truly are there is nothing but bliss and unconditional love pouring through us. This is the place of innocence where like a child you return to laughter, joy and complete self love for yourself and the world. If you didn’t know children are much more aligned with their source than adults are so watch and learn from their innocence and joy of life as much as you can.

1-Dale, Cyndi, The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy, Sounds True, Incorporated; 1 edition, 2009, pg. 145, 235, 241.
2- http://www.qiionline.org/energetic-body/

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