“Every living thing emits an energy field and the human energy field, or aura, is enlivened by the swirling, spinning streams of energy created by its constantly moving chakras. The chakras are to the aura what the currents are to the ocean: they transform it into a living and tremendous force.” (*1)

(*2)Everything in the universe is energy and we are energy as well. Besides our physical body which we got used to perceive, we also have an etheric energy field called an aura. The aura is an extension of the physical body and contains seven energetic bodies:the physical/etheric, the emotional, the lower mental, the astral, the higher mental, the buddhic and the spirit body (*3).


Within the aura we also have seven chakras, and each of our energetic bodies corresponds to a certain chakra.Each chakra has a certain color and vibrates at the light specific to that color, from lower frequencies at the lower chakras to higher frequencies as you go up towards the upper chakras where the energy is refined and fast. The chakras, from Sanskrit meaning wheel, are circular shaped funnels of light and the brightness of the colors they radiate reflects the clarity and purity of our emotions, thoughts and behaviors.

Also, depending on how balanced your energy is and how self aware or in-tune with yourself you are, a chakra will vibrate at the normal level or not and usually that imbalance will affect one or several of the other chakras, because they are all meant to work together and be unified. Exactly as in life when something goes wrong in one area, other areas of life will be affected by that condition as well.

The good news is that according to Dr. Davies as well as heavy research done by others(*4), no matter what illness you have if you work at the spiritual level, meaning at the energetic level where everything ultimately resides, by balancing and raising your vibration of these chakras you will heal yourself on all levels. Each chakra has qualities that increase self-awareness and promote self realization and unity consciousness where we understand that we are the makers of our destinies and part of an infinite field of potentiality. We achieve everything we want from health, to emotional well-being, to mental clarity, focus and spiritual bliss.


1 Root Chakra is the foundation of your house, it is the first chakra concerned with everything material and manifestations in the physical. Needs for safety, shelter, survival, stability reside here and it has to do with a sense of being grounded in this reality and feeling powerful enough to provide for ourselves.When balanced in this chakra, we have Presence and Influence in the world, we attract people with our charisma and have a lot of self-esteem and self-worth.

Element: Earth
Mantra: I am
Organs: adrenal glands
Imbalances: fear, low self esteem, lack of purpose, arrogance, possessiveness, greed, hostility, cynicism, addictive behaviors, feelings of lack, feelings of abandonment and aloneness in the world, separation.

2 Sacral Chakra is the seat of relationships, starting with creating intimacy with our own self, feeling good in our skin and then radiating that out and connecting with other people being it lovers, family, friends or community at large. This chakra is concerned with giving and receiving pleasure through touch and tender, nurturing emotions as well as expressing ourselves through dance, art, music or creative writing. Since it is related to water this chakra is balanced when we feel self love and love for others, desire to flow and nurture each other, have awareness of our and others’ feelings and create harmony in our interactions, live life passionately and delight in what the senses have to offer in this plane.

Element: Water
Mantra: I feel
Organs: sexual organs, kidneys, ureters, bladder, lymphatic system
Imbalances: feelings of co-dependency or shallow relationships lacking in intimacy, victim submissive mentality, low libido, inability to flow feelings, tension and stiffness of body or mental attitude, manipulative attitudes, incapacity to hold erection in men or orgasm in women, irritability, anxiety, problematic periods.

3 Solar Plexus is the seat of Personal Power, passion, will and joy of being. When this chakra is balanced we feel confident that we can shape our lives and can manage anything that comes our way and be successful at it. We feel powerful and passionate about taking action that makes us expand and grow in every area of our lives, we have the energy and motivation of facing set-backs with resilience and looking for the gem in the darkness making the situation work in our advantage. Our biggest desire is for expressing our individuality and shining our light in the world, we want to leave a mark in the world and accomplish great things.

Element: Fire
Mantra: I do
Organs: pancreas, abdominal area, digestion problems
Imbalances: selfish, egotistic attitudes, victim attitudes, submissive behavior, pervasive anger, hyperactivity, low energy(exhaustion from always doing instead of feeling and changing vibrational tone), ulcers, arthritis, repressed feelings which leads to despair, apathy or powerlessness, aggressive attitude and abusive behaviors.

4 Heart Chakra is the first chakra that connects the physical with the spiritual, where living in the physical realm has to be done through compassion and devotion for everything there is.

Self Love is very very important again because every imbalance starts here, the relationship with self needs to be one of love. And then we will be filled with optimism, peace, harmony, and detachment from perceived pain because our focus and understanding is that only Love is real, everything else is an illusion created by the mind.

Element: Air
Mantra: I love
Organs: heart, thymus, liver, lungs, blood circulation
Imbalances: feelings of not being loved and loveable, unworthiness, critical and harsh abusive attitudes towards self or others, revengeful, unsocial behavior, lack of responsibility, poor emotional expressiveness or inability to empathize.

6 Throat Chakra is our true voice and the courage to speak our truth, to express ourselves and our values, listening to our inner guidance and following it regardless of what others think about it. Use our creativity with playfulness detachment and understand and accept other opinions and perspectives while staying true to ours. Being able to express ourselves with lightness and playfulness or when necessary with leadership and assertiveness and be diplomatic in our relationships by transacting from a place of fairness, acceptance and compassion. Identify our passion and follow it.

Element: Ether
Mantra: I speak
Organs: thyroid, parathyroid, throat, lungs
Imbalances: poor communication, inability to express ourselves or listen to others, colds, neck pain, anger, depression, verbal abuse, lying, controlling and judgmental, lack of trust, ADD, poor memory.

7 Third Eye is our inner sight, our true vision coming from true self awareness and a knowingness beyond the physical material things we perceive with our senses and brain. This is where Miracles can happen if we remember who we really are and how powerful we are, when we understand that we create reality with our emotions and thoughts. We learn to access our divine wisdom and shape this energetic reality by using our intuition and true vision instead of letting our physical vision sight have so much power over us.When this chakra is open and balanced we experience spiritual vision and easy access to inspiration, and we approach life with innocence and playfulness like a child open to experience life.

Element: Light
Mantra: I see
Organs: pituitary gland, spine, nose, ears
Imbalances: intellectual arrogance, feelings and thoughts of disillusionment with life, negativity, pessimism, cruel and critical attitudes towards self or others, headaches and migraines, vision problems, poor memory, over analytical mind, lack of possibilities.

8 Crown Chakra is the seat of Consciousness and when all the other chakras unite at the Third Eye chakra we get to experience Oneness.Once this state is achieved we are in constant communication with our Divine Self and we feel and radiate feelings of peace, trust, infinite potential, joy in the NOW, and awareness of the truth of creation.You access in yourself Divine Mind and Divine Love and want to use them for humanitarian purposes and high ideals of a spiritual nature.

Element: Consciousness
Mantra: I understand
Organs: pineal gland
Imbalances: ego, separation, dogmatic and cultish authoritative attitudes, controlling and judgmental, duality and obsessive attitudes, pressure, migraines, identity crises, feelings of superiority.

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