Personality traits successful and happy people have in common

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1) Are independent, confident and self-reliant. They don’t try to make others like them and don’t care what others think of them. They like themselves and live life on their own terms. If you like them they are happy to include you in their circle, if not they move away and engage with people that are on the same page as they are. They intuitively know there are millions of different opinions out there on every subject and that the only voice they should listen to is their own. Not trying to gain approval or disapproval from those around them, they associate with those sharing common values and interests with them. Due to that their network of acquaintances is constantly expanding because their interests are always expanding as well.
2) Are optimistic people with unbelievable focus. They intuitively know or have learned to see the glass half full, and in that manner can feel their personal power. They have the energy and desire to pursue goals and not give up. Optimists know that when something bad happens it is just a matter of time until they find an even better opportunity to have the experience they want in life. Setbacks are just stepping-stones for their goals, or lessons to be learned in order to grow, clarify desires and achieve a better outcome than the one previously imagined. Their focus is tremendous on what they want, feeling their inner worth and power. This attitude gives them the motivation to be relentless no matter the obstacle, and never stop evolving as an individual.
3) Are honest and can build rapport easily with people. On a subconscious level, successful people see themselves and those around them as having unlimited potential, positive nature and passion for life. When working in a team, they could come off as a little bit too intense because their desire to achieve the best results as fast as possible can be overwhelming. They want to give it their all and want to see the same desire coming from those they associate with. A true leader faced with resistance from employees will try to understand if the resistance comes from laziness, indolence and lack of character or from fear, indecisiveness and unskillfulness. Once an assessment has been done, the individuals presenting the first category of traits, who are there just to collect a check or to get something without giving back their all, will be replaced. The silver players who want to become gold, but might not know how to, will be given the training and support to become gold players. The players that are already gold at a skill level but lacking in values, character or behavioral aspects will also face a challenge of growing in that area and if they do not accept the necessary changes and grow will be replaced as well. Emotional Intelligence deals mostly in corporations with those managers who do not know how to create bonds, motivate, and be inspirational leaders. 95% of people leave their jobs because they hate their boss. An authoritarian style, micromanaging and insensitivity for one’s feelings makes an employee want to leave the job, under-perform in their job because all they can focus on is being stressed out, or feel a lack of motivation to do their best since they know the effort will not be appreciated anyway. Communication is key in building rapport in every relationship, listening to what is not being said, understanding what the other person needs and being willing to adjust course in order to fulfill their needs is what inspirational leadership is about.
4) Are leaders who work hard but also play hard! Entrepreneurs by nature, they come up with new ideas and ways of living life to the fullest, both on a professional as well as personal level. After the vision is created, the policies and plans on how to achieve all that will be brainstormed and then put in practice. They know how to dedicate themselves and work strategically, but also know it is very important to celebrate every victory in order to motivate themselves to achieve even more. Have very high expectations for themselves and their life’s mission, never stopping the self-improvement process. Successful people will always work on improving their personality, health, relationships and every aspect of their life because they want the best in life. When something goes wrong on a professional or personal level they learn the lesson, adjust course and start again even more determined towards their goal.
5) Are extremely creative as well as visionaries. They are open to listening to ideas, run the possibilities in their own mind and then come up with new ideas, opportunities and solutions for living life in a better way. Even if something works, they always wonder about what could be done to make this better? Their approach in life is one of living the moment while envisioning a better tomorrow. Not concerned with the details of limitations, they know that where there is a will there is a way and so their focus is on creating, not on being afraid it might not work. They get tremendous satisfaction from improving experiences and see that as a refinement of the senses towards living heaven right here on earth. If they can dream it then might as well try to make it a reality.
6) They know how to balance every area of their life- they prioritize and compartmentalize every sphere of their life. They take care of their relationships and the people in their life, of their health and dedicate themselves to their chosen career. Having a vision and being positive by nature they know how to balance and prioritize, nourishing every sphere of life appropriately and giving more attention to whatever contributes mostly to their happiness. If society says they should focus on something but their desire is to bring success in another area of their life, they will follow their own bliss disregarding and keeping away toxic people who try to stand in their way.
7) Are eager to constantly learn new things- they study, read, watch, ask questions, debate and try to better understand the world and themselves. They take the acquired knowledge and build new avenues for improved conditions. They are not so much concerned with the status quo as they want to learn what is the better way, the fastest or the cheaper one? Eager to find the best way of solving their problem they are not afraid of asking knowledgeable people questions, look for role models and mingle with people they can learn something from. Small-minded people like to play it safe, look knowledgeable even when they are not, and not venture outside of their circle, community or country in order to feel significant around others who are at a lower level of development. Leaders like to debate, find answers, listen to what successful people have to say, and venture outside of their comfort zone all the time, because they instinctively know it is the only way to constantly reach new heights.

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