Ode to bullies( gender is irrelevant)

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Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior in which someone intentionally and repeatedly causes another person injury or discomfort. Bullying can take the form of physical contact, words or more subtle actions-American Psychological Association.


”We find that bullies have a strong need to control others,” said John Lochman, a psychologist at Duke University Medical School. ”Their need to be dominant masks an underlying fear that they are not in control, and they mask the sense of inadequacy by being a bully.”(*1)


Dr. Stefani Hines, director at the center for human development at Beaumont Children’s Hospital in Royal Oak, Mich continues to say: “Those considered bullies were more than twice as likely to experience depression, anxiety and attention deficit disorder”.(*2)


Sadly enough children as bullies maybe don’t have enough discernment to realize how much harm they’re causing, but the real tragedy is seeing adults who act worse than children, being driven by compulsions and fixations.


Ode to bullies (gender is irrelevant)



In order for you to put me down, I would first need to value your opinion

Your actions and words portray who you are, your character or lack off

Your associations and distortions show the prejudices present in yourself

I love being a woman, always did, always will, and I will express my power through my intellect, sex appeal, sassiness, humor, style and anything else I might fancy

I will adore and cherish all the privileges of being a woman, and I will always speak my mind

I’m not interested in conforming to the status quo, but very interested in being a game changer

I believe a powerful woman or man will stand up for themselves, and a most powerful woman or man will stand up for others

Oppression nowadays is much more subtle and convoluted

It’s illegal to force people into submission, but you can make up societal labels and boxes and force them to willingly go into cages

If I’ve done nothing to harm you, and you decide to bully me, then I’m a mirror reflecting back to you parts of yourself filled with maliciousness, pain, doubt, envy, insecurity, rejection or closed mindedness.

Anyone can harm, distort and make up negative stories in order to put another human being down, but it takes purpose and wisdom to want to discover and nurture strengths and goodness in others.

Pretty does hurt at times, but it gave me a beautiful mission in life. It awakened in me a burning desire to empower women and help them get in touch with their powerful inner goddess. To help them unify parts of themselves, the smart and independent leader as well as the sensual self-identities, comprising the divine feminine energy. All of these traits have been suppressed and oppressed for the past 2000 years, and it is time to restore balance and order.

Major world religions teach us that God is a male and our only way of getting in touch with it is through a male priest, rabbi, bishop etc. Ohhh, but wait, what happened to the Priestesses venerated in ancient cultures, cultures who ironically had much more knowledge, advanced technology and peaceful ways of living than us, the ones living in the 21st century?

Isn’t it obvious we’re destroying ourselves due to these flawed premises and prejudices pertaining to outdated patriarchal principles? Isn’t it obvious that because of this we are afraid of opening up to one another and do not trust each other anymore?

The feminine energy is creative, healing and transforming. Because of this oppression of the feminine the planet is presently in tremendous chaos and fear, but re-emergence of the Goddess is also happening now, and it is a dance to behold!

Confidence and self esteem, both in women as well as men, is super sexy, it may challenge some, but their insecurities are not your problem, so dare to wear your confidence and self esteem daily.

And now a timeless piece for the sexy kitties of the world ;)!!


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  1. Anonymous  February 11, 2016

    Really good, touching lots of sensitive subjects here. I’m pessimistic about rapid change,but I hope you’re right.

    • Madalina  February 29, 2016

      Thanks, glad you think so. That was exactly my intention with this post, so let’s keep it real and positive!


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