NLP coaching benefits

  1. Re-program your mind for success in any area of your life, become aware of how you think, feel and the internal language you use to represent your everyday experiences.
  2. Understand your mental make-up and achieve mastery over your life by discovering the connections between your physiology, mental focus and internal dialog. These three lead to behavioral patterns and outcomes that you are now living.
  3. All resources are inside yourself, gain power in accessing them at any point in time and for every need
  4. Understand human interactions and peak performance and learn how to model excellence in any area of life through defined techniques that will change your life and help you achieve anything you want
  5.  Become aware of conscious and unconscious inner beliefs that have been ruling your perception about yourself and the external world and change them from limiting ones to their true unlimited potential
  6.  Once you understand your mind and your unlimited potential it is time to BE who you want to be and DO what you want to do in order to feel successful and fulfilled.

Personal development through modeling successful people

  1. Change your physiology and you directly change your emotional state, your emotions will follow your physiology
  2. Your mental focus will directly impact your emotional state, the quality of your thoughts will create positive or negative emotions in your body
  3. Whenever you want to change a limiting behavior you need to associate the unwanted behavior with the pain principle( what you lost and are still losing) and the new behavior with the pleasure principle. Your associations will make or break your new intention for change
  4. Meditate, visualize or affirm your new desired state of being every day. Meditation is the most powerful tool that will work directly on your physiology, mental and emotional bodies at the same time
  5. Set and commit to your goals, take inspired intelligent and consistent action towards them, observe your thoughts and beliefs regarding the outcome and change them when necessary into supportive and enthusiastic one.


    Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the science of achievement, transforming our mental, emotional and behavioral patterns so we can gain a new perception of ourselves and life so we can be successful. It studies the relationships between how we think( neuro), how we communicate( linguistic) and how we behave through our established emotional patterns also known as programs or beliefs. In short it is the science of human communication and excellence.

    Basically NLP is the language of our minds, the meaning that we give to our experiences(our internal world) and based on that how we communicate with our external world, the associations that we make with people, past experiences, objects or how we motivate ourselves and the inner talk that we practice each moment( self confidence) when acknowledging our goals and our fears or limiting beliefs.

    Based on your goals I will employ NLP techniques that will help me understand your perception of the world and self, your beliefs, values and behaviors in order to:

    1. help you remove ineffective communication patterns with the outside world and instead gain leadership skills that will build your interpersonal effectiveness so you can positively influence others to help you achieve your goals

    2. change self destructive patterns of behavior into productive ones

    3. remove fears and phobias

    4. remove addictions: smoking, drinking, drugs, food, sex, TV, video-games

    5. eliminate mental and emotional limiting beliefs and replacing them with heathy ones

    6. improve your memory and learning ability by teaching you how to expand your senses

    7. identify what you truly want in life and develop a structured plan that will get you there

    8. overcome stress, anxiety and depression

    9. help you gain mental clarity and successful decision making ability

    10. help you reach your full potential by exploring new ways of being, growing into successful attitudes and improving every area of your life