The Six Human Needs

Our behavior is driven by our need to live fulfilled lives and all of our unhappiness and emotional turmoil arises from an inability to consistently fulfill one or several of the following Six Emotional Human Needs as I learned in my training with Anthony Robbins:

a) Love and Connection

To possess more of God than others means nothing else than to resemble God to a higher degree.” – Meister Eckhardt

Six qualities successful people embody 1st paragraph
God is the very essence of unconditional love, always trying to bring into our lives what we want, never judging us or asking anything in return, the way religion taught us, never looking at us as inferior or imperfect.There is no church you have to go worship in, no hell you’ll end up in if you use your free will to do harm, no punishment you will receive from God. Hitler or Stalin went back to the pure positive source they are part of and returned to that feeling of love the same way as people like Mother Theresa or Mahatma Gandhi did. In the big picture of evolution there is no wrong or right and that is why we have free will here to use it and evolve.

Salvation from suffering means becoming Godlike, being Godlike means you are offering unconditional love for self and others, the world, the totality of All That Is.

Now, as Social Intelligence has proven our brains are indeed wired to bond, to be in love and be loved, to experience intimacy and connection with ourselves and our environment but we need to find our true selves first in order to be in touch with that higher part of us and give that to the world. Love is the very fabric of the universe and everything seems to be dry without it. It is also the basis for peaceful social human interactions in any area of life, it applies to business, personal relationships and wellbeing. You can never succeed in the long run at the expense of others, but if you have feelings of love towards others, compassion, respect and a helpful attitude then you will be aligned with who you really are and your life will transform miraculously because you now attract these energies and will encounter people that will help you fulfill your dreams.

b) Significance

Significance-six human needs
Each one of us possesses a totally different biochemistry and we are each unique. There is no one else out there exactly like you and if you start the journey towards discovering who you really are, you will be amazed at how many traits, talents and qualities you have that escaped your awareness before. Due to our unique makeup we can each contribute differently to the betterment of the world and bring our own special way of understanding and giving back to life.

Deep down inside we want to bring our contribution, we want to be acknowledged, and even tough we might have been shunned, or scolded by others before for our courage to be or think different, to overthrow the status quo, understand those external manifestations were the result of our judgment of ourselves, our Ego’s self judgment and that vibration manifesting out there as comments coming from other people in pain the same way we were.

Let your light shine, others might say it’s too bright, not enough, average, just perfect, it doesn’t matter what other people think, it matters what you think and feel. You are living your life and your reality, you are responsible for your beliefs and what you attract due to those beliefs.

Believe in yourself and your dream, follow what brings you joy and everything else will unfold beautifully.

c) Certainty

Our fearful mind wants certainty at all costs because it has a survival outlook on life, therefore it will see everything new as danger. We are habit creatures and knowing things will unfold the way we expect them to unfold gives that part of us control but in reality your fearful mind is so limited that if you have a desire it will not be able to see the possibilities for it happening. Only when you get used to live in uncertainty, in knowingness that something higher than your limited self is orchestrating and bringing to you what you asked and even better and that your only job is to relax about the details of how/when it will happen and instead keep yourself in peace and joy, everything that you want will be yours.

But if our fears and need for certainty are overwhelming then we will feel paralyzed in our actions, walking only well- known paths or being so blind to our own problems and trying to avoid facing our limiting beliefs that we cannot see them until they hit us in the face with some unwanted events.

Our subconscious mind gives us strong biochemical responses when it interprets life as dangerous, hostile, or scarce-I’m talking about the fight or flight reaction but you need to educate yourself and understand that you create your reality, the power is within you and you can trust that the universe is always trying to bring you what you need if you are willing to co-create with it. Acknowledge this fundamental need for safety when you make the intention of changing your life, because the more resistant your ego will be the more limiting beliefs will come up in external events so you can liberate yourself and in those moments you need to be able to understand what is happening and be compassionate with yourself when it will throw scary stories at you or unpleasant events. The more resistance you have the rougher the ride will be, and even though that is all good because in those moments you clarify what you do want, it is definitely not easy. The more you learn to have compassion for yourself, for that scared fearful inner child that your ego is, the faster you will release resistance and be able to live the life you want. Switching the function of the ego from a fearful critic into a loving coach that experiences low emotions with compassion and creates on purpose brings tremendous results and peace of mind.

d) Uncertainty

Uncertainty- six human needs
Or variety represents a need to experience aliveness and excitement, diversity and challenges in life. We are adventurers and we like an adrenaline rush here and there, some spice added to everyday life because deep down inside we know that every time we encounter something that we don’t want at that same moment we realize with clarity what it is that we do want. Uncertainty forces us to be creative and find new and better desires or ways of solving problems, and if we learn to relax and surf the rough waves, then all we do is gain out of these periods, because the old needs to fall so that the new can come in.

If we relinquish control and instead trust in ourselves to be the creators of our lives, we find life to be magical and abundant, and we become much more open to experiencing new realities and ways of being.

Everyone satisfies these four personality needs partially or totally, and even though you can live content acknowledging only these four, your soul will not sing until you also tackle growth and contribution to the world, which represent your spiritual needs.

e) Growth

Growth-six humna needs
Is our need to progress, evolve physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I have only one purpose: to make man free, to urge him towards freedom; to help him to break away from all limitations, for that alone will give him eternal happiness, will give him the unconditional realization of Self” – J. Krishnamurti

When we feel stuck we become depressed and hopeless, we don’t want to stagnate. Intuitively we know that every moment we either go towards our desires expanding who we truly are and co-creating with the universe or towards fear, unwanted events and stagnation. What is the point in doing something if we’re not striving to reach a higher level every day? I would mention here that from all the bodies, evolving the spiritual one is what matters most. When you understand you are a spiritual being having a human experience and when you see the light of the Absolute Creator in yourself and every person you meet, you understand the unity of it all. Then your life will transform because whatever will not match the vibration of love and appreciation for life that you will be sending out will fall out of your life experience and all that will be attracted to you is abundance, love, joy and freedom.

f) Contribution

Is the last of the six human needs and it is our need to give of ourselves, our talents, skills, time, love or money to the world and life itself. We want to make a difference and we want to improve life with our expertise, we want to leave something of value to others, we are creators and we feel exhilaration when we et to create through our joy.

When we give we feel competent, alive and needed. We are contributors to life, we feel loving, wonderful and powerful because we exhibit our Godlike selves. Plus, when we know we are able to create our life circumstances and fulfill all our wants, what is there left to do than give to the world?

Live Training Event with Anthony Robbins, Chicago, 2011-Unleash the Power Within