The 12 Universal Laws of Success

How come we are able to live at extremes of death, conflict, turmoil and destruction, while at the same time keep taking initiative and move along a path of cooperation, mutual benefit and loving service?
 I feel the answer lies in our dualistic nature, our true selves have an innate drive to ascend, create and love but here on Earth our perception becomes distorted and we also develop a lower self(EGO) that is driven by fear, dark impulses that make us selfish, violent, deceitful or cruel in our desire for power, material things or social acknowledgement.

We become oblivious to what really matters in life, love for self and others or joy and passion in living with a sense of empowerment and creativity.

One of the first things I practice with my clients in coaching sessions is an understanding of the 12 Universal Laws(*1). These laws are based on metaphysical, philosophical and quantum physics principles, functioning since the beginning of time but understood only by mystics and sages before. These laws are now being proven by science as well and slowly humanity is awakening to its awareness of deliberate creators through thought and through emotion, understanding that these laws work along gravity, time and space laws to create every moment of our existence.

Everything in the Universe when broken down to the smallest particles is made of energy, including us, everything is a sea of electrons vibrating in circular patterns at different frequencies.

Since energy moves in circular patterns it is easy to understand that what we send out vibrationally is what will come back to us at a certain point in time. It might be immediate or delayed depending on the focus and intensity you put into thoughts, especially how much emotion and verbal or behavioral action you attach to the thought as well.

When you attach emotions to the thoughts you have, you’re multiplying the energy sent in the Universe and therefore you will bring that what you focus on into the physical much faster. 
You are responsible for your life, you have a free will that lets you choose your focus on positive or negative thoughts every moment, and more importantly you have an emotional guidance systems that let’s you know what you’re thinking and therefore vibrating. Every time you feel joy, pleasure, desire, enthusiasm, passion your emotions let you know that you are aligned with your desires and are attracting alike things into your physical experience. In the same fashion whenever you are feeling despair, depression, anger, lack your emotions are telling you that you are misaligned vibrationally with the things you want and going in the opposite direction, attracting with this vibration unwanted things. Emotions are your most wonderful and sophisticated tool for guiding and understanding your life moment to moment. The Laws of the Universe or Success provide guidelines for attitudes and behaviors that transform and optimize your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

So here are the 12 Universal Laws of Success

1-Law of Divine Oneness

Law of Divine oneness

We are all energy, connected to one another and affecting each other every moment. Everything we do, say, think and believe affects us and the collective consciousness of all humanity as well as evolution of the Universe.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes”- Marcel Proust

This law teaches us service for a higher good and puts unconditional love and contribution to others as the ultimate self-actualization and fulfillment that can bring true and lasting happiness. When we fulfill our needs and come in contact with who we truly are, we discover our passions and want to contribute and help others through our passions regardless of what those passions are, from teaching spirituality, to baking, to writing or playing music etc.

The macro-universe is a living organism that constantly receives and gives energy in creating a material reality, and when we decide to contribute to it positively we find ourselves showered with blessings and support for creating this grander vision of life. Synchronicities will flow and the right people and events will come and help you move ahead with your dreams, with whatever brings you joy, because the purpose of all this is to have fun here, live from your heart and contribute through your passion.

The bigger non-physical system brings you opportunities for happiness and self-actualization and you in turn help it become unified, powerful and evolve it with new and improved conditions in the physical plane.

2-The Law of Vibration

law of vibration

Each sound, thing, thought, you and me and most importantly our feelings and emotions have unique vibrational frequencies and they all move, vibrate and travel in circular patterns. Thoughts and feelings have power of attraction and knowing how to be aware of your feelings and focusing on how to raise your vibrational frequency to be aligned with your desires is the most real and crucial thing you can do in order to create the life you want. The same law states that “like frequencies” attract “like frequencies”, therefore your focus on either positive or negative thoughts or feelings will attract more of the same kind. Each emotion is the same vibration but with opposite frequencies at each spectrum, for example powerlessness has a very low and dense frequency while personal power is the same vibration but with a frequency that is high, positive, exhilarating and vibrating at the opposite spectrum.

Applied to our world it means whatever frequency you want to attract into your life has to be matched by a similar thought, feeling, word and action coming from you in order to materialize your desires(energy frequencies) into the physical. That is why the law of vibration is also called “Act as if Law”. If your goal is to attract wealth then you need to act as if you have it, focus on the feeling that wealth would bring you and feel the joy of it being created in the non-physical and the knowingness that it is coming to you. You don’t need to care about how it will happen and get yourself entangled into the details, your only job is to keep yourself focused on good feelings about that subject and raise your vibration on them if necessary, which probably will be the case, since if you wouldn’t have resistance on that subject it will already be in your life. Whatever you want is already created for you and already present in the Universe and all you need to do is align with that vibration so you can allow it into your life.Finding out what it is that you want will give you feelings of enthusiasm and joy, energy to move in the direction of your dreams, these feelings are the ones you need to take action on. When you act as if what you desire is already in your possession, you align yourself with the vibrational frequency of that which you desire and bring it fast.

And so, YOU start closing the gap between your mental picture and your physical reality, and you will attract circumstances, people and creative ideas that will help you achieve your goal.

3-The Law of Action

law of action

We need to exercise action when we receive guidance from within since we are co-creators and have free will, this way we can expand in consciousness, remember more and more our power and constantly evolve. The way to know if your guidance is coming from your mind or from that peaceful inner true self is by reading your feelings and becoming aware of how you feel about what you have to do. If it feels good and you are enthusiastic about it then it is guidance coming from that larger knowledgeable part of YOU, but if the action you need to take feels heavy, confusing or you feel like procrastinating then something is not right and you would be better off waiting until you become clearer. Obviously this doesn’t apply to responsibilities or chores like taking care of your kids, going to work or paying taxes or eating, those are just activities that you trained yourself into resistance and complaining mode about and you need to change how you look at them and find pleasure in them or change what you do. This is an evolutionary road and if you don’t like having a 9-5 job, all you have to do is start looking for the positive in it now(steady paycheck, like the people that you work with etc) and then put the intention out there to move to the next level and become financially independent. Stay awake and when the idea or opportunity comes move with it, but don’t make radical actions that would bring you into low emotions such as fear, despair, lack. You need to train yourself to look at the glass half-full and start sending intentions in the universe that will bring about circumstances which will be changing your life situations. Change what you are not happy with in your life gradually instead of making drastic moves, that can drag you into despair or big trouble, being in despair would not help you become empowered and change your vibration so you can attract new and improved circumstances.

This is where most of us fail, we might know what we want but we fail to take action because we’re either skeptical, feel unworthy and not capable of achieving our dreams, see limitations and no way out, are too depressed or exhausted from living harsh conditions etc.

The creation process always starts in the mind with an idea, and affirmations and visualizations do a tremendous job, but without consistent action from your part these ideas will become dreams and regrets for not living life to the fullest.

Even if your steps will be offtrack here and there, with each action you become clearer on hearing and following your intuition, get energized and get closer to your desired outcome. Most importantly have faith and patience in pursuing success, trust your guidance when making decisions and know that the power to create it all is inside you and the universe supports you 100%.

4-The Law of Correspondence

Law of correspondence

“As above, so below”

Your inner world creates your outer world, what you think, feel, and say to yourself and believe on the inside brings the circumstances, people and life situations in your outer reality every day all day even though you might not think it is like that because we have all been trained to believe that everything is outside of us and we have no control over external circumstances. Your spouse, career, relationships, finances etc are all reflections of your inner beliefs and what you consider yourself to be worthy of or capable of having in your life. You cannot blame anyone or anything for your life situation but your beliefs, and your Ego will make up all sorts of stories in order to keep you from facing your true feelings and get to the core of those unhelpful beliefs so you can know them and change them and get your power back.

You are whole right now and there is nothing wrong with you or anything that you need to heal in yourself before you can have a good life. The only thing you have to learn is to change your perception in life, change your focus, because living in a conditioned society with beliefs in limitations trains us to forget who we truly are and our power. We ignore our emotions and desires and settle for less out of “I can’t” or “I need to be realistic and all these people say reality is this or that way” or “Oh that cannot happen to me, I’m not one of those lucky people” beliefs, when in reality YOU CAN and the power to change it all is inside of you and does not depend on anything that is outside of you.

Others have done it before you, and they didn’t have anything more than what you have, but they learned to do the necessary steps in order to achieve what they want, they learned that the most important thing is that you focus on what you want to have in your life, and turned their attention away from whatever manifestation happened that was not aligned with what they wanted. Instead of thinking “It’s too hard, It’s impossible, I’m not capable and all that negative self talk your ego has programed you with, start focusing on what you WANT. Start asking yourself why not believe in good things coming to me no matter what my physical reality shows me at this moment, why not focus on the non-physical creations and understanding that everything is vibration and you create through putting your focus on negative or positive expectations and beliefs? You don’t have anything to lose if you start doing that, but instead you will start feeling better right this moment and your feeling good in this moment will speed up that manifestation tremendously, you will be able to follow the guidance you need to take and results will follow. The evidence that you will get will build your confidence more and more. So right now you need to make a commitment to care about feeling joyful or peaceful at least with whatever is in your life at the moment and move up into better emotions, whatever it takes for you to start focusing on the positive of whatever situation you deal with.

The main limiting beliefs humanity suffers from are “I’m powerless”, “I’m not lovable” and “I’m not worthy”, and they are illusions of our fearful self. You are powerful beyond your present understanding, you are given opportunities to truthfully know your potential so just become aware of your thoughts and remove those self imposed barriers.

5-The Law of Cause and Effect

law of cause-and-effect

“What comes around goes around”- with every thought, feeling and action you shape your reality accordingly. You are in charge of the process and you attract exactly what you believe yourself worthy of receiving. If you are in a bad financial situation or relationship, you attracted them with your beliefs about money and relationships, what you think and feel and therefore vibrate out is what you will get back, no mistakes even though we want to blame outside circumstances, that is not the truth and that make us powerless as well. So no more blaming of external events and playing the victim mentality, let’s focus instead on taking responsibility for our lives, for the unwanted unconscious creations that are playing in front of our eyes and instead shift gears towards facing our feelings on the areas that we’re not happy with and focus on what we do want and create the future we intend. I know that it seems like you would be disregarding reality and your mind will resist this, I got this conceptually and felt true to my heart from the first moment but my mind resisted so much and I put myself through so much pain until I finally decided to be on my side and love myself instead of beating myself up with anger and frustration that what I want is not what I have and instead I seem to create what I fear the most.

The best way to attract what you want faster is to focus on the feeling of what you want and be it, spread it around you and surround you with whatever builds that vibration up, whatever it is that you want more of in your life send it out NOW and give it to others this is how you attract more of it. You want love and understanding, give it to others, and remember the most cherished gifts are those coming from the heart: a smile, a hug, a flower, a kind advice..LOVE

6-The Law of Compensation

Law of compensation

This law is the reaction of the Universe when we apply the previous law of cause and effect and brings us back what we are sending out through our vibrational frequencies. We receive blessings and abundance as rewards that can take any form: money, gifts, friendships, love, creativity or fear, lack, envy, jealousy, victim mentality or revenge depending on what we send out. Success means not only money or monetary rewards but abundance in all forms coming towards us as a response to our deeds. All things come to you mirroring your inner world, showing you the thoughts you think, the feelings you have and whatever beliefs or form of energy you send out into the Universe so that you can become aware of it and change it. That is why you need to be grateful for your negative feelings because they are the most amazingly accurate tool that show you exactly what you vibrate. Even though when you resist feeling them and experiencing them it feels horrible, once you understand their usefulness and approach them with compassion and love for yourself instead of blame and guilt, they will start softening up and will be released from your emotional body. All that energy will be freed up so you can use it in your advantage instead of it being repressed and stagnant in you attracting circumstances that you do not want. The Universe brings back alike compensation and that means we are free to send out what we want in order to receive more of it.

7-The Law of Attraction

Law of attraction

All matter, our thoughts, feelings, words and actions are energies that in turn attract like energies. So what that means is that everything in the Universe is energy and energies attract like energies, so when you put a thought out such as: “this person is mean” you will attract exactly that mean attitude from that person or somebody else or attract some sort of event that will confirm to you that the Universe is hostile and you are a victim. Whatever beliefs you hold right now is what attracts your present life circumstances.

Whether you hold beliefs in scarcity, evilness, deception and struggle or in peace, love and cooperation you will attract exactly that. When we choose to believe the world to be a friendly place where everybody is eager to cooperate and interact with us to help accomplish our goals, we will attract positive and helpful people that will like to work, play and pretty much be around us, because we are positive and an inspiration for those that come in contact with us and they will match our vibration.

You cannot change the world, but you can change your perception about the world and all will change, because when you vibrate on a positive note you can attract only energies alike, so think, feel, talk and act as you already have what you want, and the first step is to hold firmly in your mind the story of your ideal life. I can hear you say, “but that means I would be lying to myself, how can I say I’m rich when I don’t have money for my rent?”

You’re not lying to yourself and being aware of lack brings more lack, so you want to learn to always be grateful and look in the direction of improved conditions, at least have hope for something good coming to you because you understand these universal laws, you understand that your beliefs create your reality and you choose to create according to your wishes, not against them. If you want abundance, why would you focus and repeat to yourself a story about how poor and hopeless your life is?

8-The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Law of transmutation
All of us have within the ability to change our life conditions at any given moment. Light dissolves shadow and so a higher vibrational frequency transforms lower vibrations, it is a process of transmutation where we alchemize our biochemistry and lift in consciousness, we start knowing our reality and intending alignment with our Source which lives only in positive emotions at all times, regardless of whatever else our limited self is experiencing. Our Ego mind looks for everything that is wrong all the time, the amygdala was designed to do that due to survival purposes, but our neocortex thinks holistically and when you get to relax and let that part of your brain take over then you can get in alignment with that higher part of you and the fearful self will let go more and more until you get to know that all is good at all times, and then life will start flowing with ease and joy. What you focus on you bring into your life and until you’re the Master of Your Mind you attract all sorts of experiences and people, both negative and positive, or more negative than positive or only negative depending on how low you vibrate most of the time. Keep your focus on positive things, be grateful for what you have and keep moving ahead disregarding unwanted events that you manifest, making the best out of every moment.

You also must know, that if one moment you think “I am successful “ but then you have another thought that says “Oh, thats not true, look how miserable I am, nothing is working for me”, these two thoughts will cancel each other. You’re sending positive energy and then canceling it with a negative vibe, so constantly choose to see the positive in every situation.

Fortunately when you’re being negative you need to send much more energy in order to materialize thoughts because well-being is the nature of the universe and your nature as well and positive thoughts and especially feelings have much more attraction power. Everything in this Universe is working in your advantage, you just need to start noticing this reality you never knew about and disregard the collective hypnosis humanity is under, more and more people will awaken and realize the power that is within them, but do you want to wait until then or start knowing your power now ?

9-The Law of Relativity

Law of relativity

Each one of us receives our fair share of problems in life and even though we label these events as misfortunes, in reality they represent a strengthening and training for our soul, for the light we each carry within and need to remember.

Looking at our life here on Earth as the totality of our existence makes us fearful, limited and weak. We are so scared of the world, old age, disease, death and we lose awareness of the bright light we carry within our own being because we forgot our power and our connection to a higher power that we are part of and that can totally support us and take the hard work and struggle out of our life experience.

Recognize the present situation for what it is, don’t look at it from your conditioned experience here on the planet, but have a bigger picture of the whole universe and your connection and purpose in this dance, choose in this moment to understand that obstacles are opportunities for identifying what you don’t want and sending out desires for the opposite of that, desires which will bring expansion and growth. Usually your biggest fear or obstacle has within it entangled your greatest power to turn things completely in the direction that you want.Trust your heart and intuition when making decisions and you will be on the right track and also know that regardless of what your current life situation is, NOW is the moment when you can change it because by becoming aware of whatever you attracted until now you can identify the underlying emotion or belief that is keeping you back and shift it around. All is relative to the perception you have regarding the situation you’re in, there are a million options that can happen to correct the situation you are in, but from fear you will probably see one or two and those are going to be really negative ones. That is why you need to trust in the Divine Presence inside you that can guide things and create synchronicities that can shift your situation completely, all you have to do is be ok with what is and intend to relax and know that it is being taken care of and only take action that feels good. If you take action from fear you will attract more struggle and things vibrating on that level so you would be better off waiting to get clearer and relaxed before acting.

There is no good or bad, small or big, it is all relative to that which you compare it to.

Be grateful for who you are, your uniqueness, for all the things that bring you joy and make your life pleasant and focus on what you want to create without feeling bad that you don’t have it but instead dream and feel how you would feel if you would have that desired fulfilled now. Your Ego is keeping you fearful and paralyzing your actions for change in the first place, and then coming back and making you feel guilty and weak for not reaching your full potential. I cannot stress enough how important removing your limiting beliefs is in removing all these egotistical behaviors we all learned throughout our lives as responses to negative experiences.

You need to stop your daily useless mental chatter that poisons you with doubts and insecurities and start focusing your attention on WHAT YOU WANT if you want to change your life.Shift the story from one of weakness and struggle to one of an empowered and infinitely creative being and once you start believing it and taking action towards it, your external world will shift.

10-The Law of Polarity

Law of opposites

Also called the Law of Opposites or the Law of mental vibrations, this universal law states everything in the universe has its own opposite and we can transcend negative thoughts by focusing on positive thoughts and in this way building a higher vibration.

Your perception of the present moment(the NOW) is what gives the event reality and the reality you focus on gets to perpetuate itself. Even though this same moment(NOW) has infinite ways of unfolding and even if it is bad now, it can turn into something great because now you are aware of what your vibration is on that subject and now you can change it and attract something that you want. Think of all those moments when a perceived negative event proved to be the best thing that happened to you, this is what happened to me when I lost my job, at first I thought it’s a horrible event only to realize after how grateful I am it happened like this so I can realize what is it that I actually love in life and pursue it full-time. This has started my journey of self discovery and brought me an opportunity to use my passions and make a living loving what I do. Sometimes from our limited perspective we cannot see what serves us and the universe steps in and removes us from circumstances we aren’t aligned with and guides us in the right direction. Sometimes if we want our life to change we have to let go of what isn’t useful anymore so we can make space for what truly matters, but we are resistant to let go of whatever doesn’t serve us. We are more persistent in holding onto and focusing all day long on what is going wrong and our negative emotions even though all we keep asking for is positive ones.

Having peace of mind and empowerment starts with saying yes to change, accepting the present moment as an opportunity to be ok with what is and optimistic about what is coming. When we accumulate knowledge, we gain as a result self knowledge which is gnosis, a state of direct spiritual and experiential knowledge and understanding of the Divine infinite and the wholeness of creation, rather than just knowledge of only the material and finite world we can perceive with our physical senses. Reason and rational thinking can only bring us so far, but gnosis can bring us to the level of enlightened human beings.

Only through the present moment(the NOW) you can transcend a negative outcome by accepting it first, becoming aware of it and experiencing it while comforting yourself so that it can transform into a higher one.

Do not resist life, what you see in your physical reality reflects your inner world, if it showed up it means you attracted it with your thoughts, emotions, words or deeds, or maybe all combined, so be grateful for what it is showing you and then take action towards a different outcome.

11-The Law of Rhythm

Law of rhythm

Everything in the universe vibrates and moves to certain rhythms and these rhythms form our seasons, cycles and patterns reflecting God’s organized and synchronistic creation.

There is a period of “Darkness of the Soul” characterized by transformation and change, letting go of whatever doesn’t serve you anymore, and a “Golden Age” characterized by evolution and growth, ease and joy. All form comes from the formless, all light comes from the dark void, and all form has to go into formless before it can transform and become form again, this is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end of ALL THAT IS.

God is infinite, formless, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, and all death is nothing more than transformation and renewal, it is a beginning of a new cycle, not an end.

All nature accepts these cyclical changes, we are the only ones scared and resistant to change, we are afraid of the unknown because we don’t see the connection of everything and cling to what we have even if it doesn’t serve us.

There is a time for transformation and a time for growth, so learn how to efficiently navigate your periods of change and transformation and you will be amazed at the potential hidden in these cycles of change because these are the periods that hold diamonds in terms of the shift and quality of life they can bring.

Trust what life brings to you and accept it, it is here only to teach you a valuable lesson you need learn and to bring you into higher alignment with who you truly are so you won’t repeat it in the future.

The sooner you embrace and accept the changes into your life, the sooner you will transcend the transformational period and see the great opportunity hidden behind it, but you cannot see that until you make peace with where you are and move into a different consciousness. Then your external reality will shift and reflect the inside changes and solutions will start showing up with ease.

I’m saying this to make you aware that when something bad happens in our life, we tend to stay with the problem and think the same negative thought over and over again.

As always, what happens in your outside circumstances is not important until you give your response to it, you can choose to ride the waves and trust “All is well” or resist and fight against them only to prolong the negative conditions. Everything has a meaning and a purpose in your world and the sooner you understand and accept that you will understand there are no coincidences happening, only synchronicities meant to bring you closer to your desires and who you truly are.

12-The Law of Gender

Law of gender

Everything has a feminine(yin) and a masculine (yang) principle and the union of these two principles gives birth to everything in creation, including us. Moreover, all things need a period of gestation and growth before reaching maturity, and our task is to balance the masculine and feminine energies within us in order to achieve Self-Mastery and become a co-creator with the universal Consciousness.

Our thoughts are ruled by the same law and therefore need a period of incubation and growth before we see them taking form in our physical reality, this is crucial for achieving our goals since most of the time we become impatient too soon and sabotage our results by abandoning our goals right before the opportunity to succeed would have arrived or by becoming depressed.

All of our goals need our determination, patience and trust in order to manifest. Manifestation is a vibrational alignment with that part of you that already created and became that which you asked for the moment you asked it. If you feel good and believe it then it can show up into your life in a matter of hours or days.

A baby is born after 9 months of being nurtured in the mothers womb, we have 4 seasons that change every year, the Earth orbits around the Sun every 365 days, all these cycles happen in a certain way regardless of our wishful thinking. There are certain principles the universe creates around and we need to understand them if we want to live abundantly. It is all part of the creative process and we can only accept it and know in our hearts that when the time is right the seeds we planted and nourished with great care will manifest into form in our life.


It would be my pleasure and honor to walk beside you on this most exciting self discovery journey,


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