Mental and Emotional Self Awareness

“Know Thyself”

Self awareness is about you understanding you, understanding what you value in life, what you want to be, do or have, what your beliefs are, thought patterns, emotions and perception of reality.


Awareness of your passions and joys in life will help you focus your thoughts and actions in the direction that you want to go, and being aware of your emotions will help you know if you are going towards the realization of your desires when you feel enthusiastic about it, or keeping yourself stuck in emotional resistance and doubt when you feel bad or the lack of what you want. Emotional awareness is one of the main components of EQ coaching and a key to creating happiness in your life because it is the only accurate tool you have for knowing which way you are focusing your thoughts and therefore creating your future life circumstances.When you are focused on positive thoughts, you feel very good and optimistic about anything that might be in front of you but when you are thinking negative ones then you are focused in a way that is very detrimental to you, you are polluting your whole system and keeping yourself apart from the source of the universe which lives only in positive emotions. There is no duality in consciousness and that is why we came here as well, to reach that level and master this duality game and learn to focus and create the desired conditions despite the limitations we perceive with our senses and ego mind.

The focus on positive expectations, feelings of joy and enthusiasm, eagerness and anticipation for what you already asked and what the universe instantly created vibrationally, can bring into your life the things and experiences you want right away. On the same note, feeling doubtful, depressed or angry for the lack of what you want in your physical reality creates more lack and attracts more unwanted things that are aligned with that low vibration.


You need to know what you want and then you need to keep yourself( your thoughts) focused in the direction of already having what you want. It is hard in the beginning because we trained our mind to focus on negativity and lack, but we can also train it back into alignment with the emotions we want to feel. Everything we want to be, do or have is because underneath that we want to feel the feelings that we think those things will bring, that is the illusion that we live in. We think the only way to be happy is by having certain conditions play out in our material reality and only after that we will be able to enjoy life, but the secret is in knowing we cannot attract more from a point of lack, it defies the laws of this universe. We need to learn to practice positive thoughts at all times, in all circumstances, always having a lighter step on the planet and becoming much more playful and hopeful instead of serious and doomsday realistic. Since this is a vibrational universe and we are receivers and transmitters of vibrations, the mastery of life consists in choosing the focus of our thoughts and in this way learning to enjoy life each NOW moment because nothing else matters. No matter what happened until this instance, whatever thoughts you had it is all history and if you take charge of your life right now everything can change for you dramatically in a very short time.What you direct your focus on is what you will create and experience in your reality and there is nothing more important than focusing on positive thoughts, no matter what the situation is.Your whole future depends on how you interpret reality NOW, and you can choose right now to accept and love yourself for who you are, to know that you have the potential in you for greatness, to see your life as good and becoming great through your choice and focus and to see the universe as a friendly abundant place where you can easily attract what you want, when you keep yourself aligned with the high vibrations of those things you desire. It is all true but until we make an internal decision to look at the glass half full, we cannot move out of limiting beliefs. We don’t even need to become aware of each limiting belief we have for years and years in order to be free and create a new life, we just need to make the decision to shift our view and re-choose a better thought whenever we feel ANYTHING less than joy or peace. By shifting our perspective we will correct our mind-state and soon we will catch ourselves thinking positively naturally. Neuroscience has proven that our brains constantly rewire neural pathways to reflect our new knowledge and beliefs, and so, this new way of looking at life will re-wire your brain and you will be perceiving situations with a new awareness and from a different consciousness. The universe is a hologram and the fixed reality we were taught about in school is only the interpretation we give based on our beliefs which make up our level of consciousness, but it is not the only reality possible. The universe is a wave of potentiality where all possibilities from really blissful ones to really fearful ones are contained and we choose each moment the unfolding of a potentiality by our perception of what is possible.

Positive Psychology explains so well the difference in us, the power energy we get when we are focused on positive thoughts changes our whole brain-chemistry and sends cascades of beneficial chemicals into our bloodstream feeding our whole system with pure and high vibrations that in turn radiate out and attract more of those same vibrations(a.k.a life events). When we think positively about ourselves or our environment, we are clearer, make better decisions, we are healthier, happier and more successful in life.


Give yourself a chance to live differently and stop listening to any thought that is not aligned with what you would like to feel, if it doesn’t make you feel good why believe it? Instead, acknowledge the discord and shift the thought to one that produces a better feeling.

To be happy you only need:
  • Personal power, which includes self esteem and self confidence
  • Self actualization, which is following one’s passion or joy in life
  • Positive belief
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