Kundalini Yoga Benefits


1. Also called the “yoga of desire”, “yoga of awareness” or the “yoga of pure potential”, Kundalini yoga leads to enlightenment 16 times faster than any other type of yoga known at the moment.
2. The exercises( kriyas), postures(asanas), breathing(pranayama), mantras(sound vibrations), bandhas( body locks), mudras( hand positions) expand and contract from many angles through pressure the body, permeating the areas with highly charged and oxygenated blood. The blood forces the capillaries to eliminate toxins and all harmful elements thus leaving the system revitalized and the glands and nerves firing and functioning at optimal levels.
3. It removes blockages in all systems at the physical level (Nervous, Immune, Glandular, Sexual, Respiratory, Digestive, Circulatory) as well as clearing away past emotional and physical unresolved traumas at the unconscious level getting us in touch with powerful personality characteristics such as (Magnetism, Intuition, Joy, Awareness, Willpower, Confidence, Compassion, Charisma, Fearlessness)
4. It is a fun and expressive way of dancing with your soul in order to connect to the universal consciousness. The Shakti dance is part of the yoga session and let’s you connect with the universal consciousness inside of you through freedom of expression and creativity.

Kundalini Yoga session phases:

  •    5 Minutes: Stretching exercises by focusing on relaxing music and feeling the rhythm in the body
  • 10 Minutes: guided meditation
  • 35 Minutes: yoga for all chakras
  • 10 Minutes: free improvised dance


    Kundalini Yoga- the Yoga of Energy and Awareness

    Kundalini Yoga was introduced in US by Yogi Bhajan in the 1960′s and it is the most powerful yoga out there giving results 16 times faster than any other type of yoga, having as it’s main goal true understanding of the self and the universe. It is basically the yoga of self development and transformation in all ways possible. The word kundalini in Sanskrit means “coiled serpent”, and represents our pure potential. This spiritual energy is dormant in us and coiled up like a serpent around the sacrum area. Once awakened it travels up through each chakra uniting them all at the third eye, and leading to unity consciousness and self realization, well-being and tremendous expansion in one’s awareness.

    It is also called the Yoga of Desire or Shakti energy( the divine feminine creative energy) and it is the representation of the powerful sexual energy in us, so some of the first benefits of this practice can be more sensuality and enjoyment of sexuality. It is symbolic of the beautiful divine sensuality that creates worlds and all of us beings. I like to call it the yoga of desire, because everything we do in life comes from a motivation to bring pleasure for ourselves on some level, so I feel that this is a very accurate description of what the practice can do for us.

    Shakti( divine feminine energy)- in Sanskrit means “to be able” and it is the changing form of consciousness as well as the guiding force for all change in the universe. Always fluid and active, manifesting outwards as the physical body and brain, the senses, the five elements( earth, water, fire, air, light). It is an energy for enlightenment that awakens in us our passion, creativity, aliveness, inspiration, love, pleasure and blissful sensations, producing healing at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

    Shiva( divine masculine energy)- is the fixed or unchanging aspect of consciousness, the formless, the void out of which all creation( us included) is manifested in the material plane.

    Kundalini Yoga is the mother of all yogas and a science that develops your body, mind and spirit, having as an ultimate goal self realization or union with the universal source, Shiva, God, Allah, Buddha nature, or whatever name you want to give it.

    (*1) (*2)

    Kriyas in Kundalini Yoga are exercises done in a particular sequence and meant to work on a theme, and in order to achieve that they can employ asanas (postures), movement, pranayama (breathing exercises) with the famous “breath of fire”, bandhas (body locks), mantras (sound vibrations), mudras (hand positions), laya yoga (yoga of rhythm and sound), mental focus or meditation. The strengthening of the physical body will happen automatically and it is meant to produce also a unified connection between body-mind-and spirit.You will tone and lose weight, have a slower heart rate, improve your lungs capacity, get rid of anxiety and stress, experience vitality and aliveness in your body, get rid of any pains or swelling in the body, feel joyful and have a balanced emotional body. It basically cures ANYTHING, dis-ease is just the opposite of ease and flow of energy in us, and kundalini yoga restores that natural condition of well-being.

    I strongly recommend you take my advice in doing 20 mins of yoga every day and let me compose a targeted yoga program for you towards specific challenges you have. Please see the article on chakras so you can get a basic understanding regarding the fact that any challenge you have is ultimately an energetic imbalance at one or several chakras.

    With only 20 minutes a day of practice your life will change dramatically in all areas, you will feel energized, relaxed and confident in your social interactions. You will exhibit a charming magnetic presence that will draw people to you, you will feel fearless and have tremendous inner strength. Because of your high vibration you will attract amazing opportunities for success and due to an expanded awareness you will be able to see them and take advantage of them which will lead to the fulfillment of all of your goals. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it really is that great, actually there are no words that can describe the infinite ways in which this practice will transform your life. Practicing it will open your chakras and you will receive the understanding of life and creation effortlessly, you will feel more pleasure in your life, your senses will expand and will you enjoy each moment fully for what it is, and in accordance each moment will bring you more and more things to enjoy. It seems strange to explain the changes because you will feel like nothing is different about you besides being more awake and aware but at the same time your perception and outlook in life will be totally different and looking back at your old self and the way you used to think, feel or behave will seem so redundant and unnecessary painful. That is the change, instead of perceiving life from a separated fearful ego mind you will live fully from your true self.

    Warning- please be cautious and wise if you read these lines and decide to do kundalini yoga without guidance from a certified instructor. PLEASE do your own research and understand that this is a very powerful practice, which can cause chaos in your system and really unpleasant conditions in your mental or emotional bodies if practiced to an extreme or inappropriately. The energy is pure, passionate and strong so you need to have targeted poses that will relax your mind, body and emotions into accepting this pure potential in you and unfold it gently.