How to cure fear, anxiety, depression and phobias

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In order to survive and evolve our neurology has been programmed by the amazing infinite intelligence of this universe with a system for protection and survival. We are supposed to move away from real danger in the present moment (crossing a busy street, run when we see a vicious dog, not touch a hot stove, stay away from toxic relationships). The problem is that we bring past traumatic events, make associations and bring that into the present moment creating unnecessary stress and illness for ourselves. Stress is the number one killer in our society, being the root cause of all emotional and physical problems.

The amygdala, an almond shaped structure in the brain, is part of the limbic system and controls emotional reactions (fear, anger, pleasure), instincts, decisions, and the processing of experiences and memories. It makes us react automatically to danger (flight or fight response), or seek to fulfill our basic needs (food, shelter, sex).

“Using an imaging technique that enabled them to trace the process of neural activation in the brains of rats, University of Washington researchers have pinpointed the basolateral nucleus in the region of the brain called the amygdala as the place where fear conditioning is encoded.”(1)

What this means is that we learn to be fearful through experiences and we give a certain meaning to those experiences, which will afterwards shape our neurology, emotional states and behaviors based on how traumatic we perceived the event to be. Even though 2 people can be faced with the same event, they will process that event in different ways in their brains and will give it a different meaning.

As crazy as it sounds, we develop a HABIT of being afraid of certain things, situations or people and that destroys the quality of our lives. We keep thinking about the bad thing that happened, relive the bad memory every day and keep asking the same dis-empowering questions that make us feel like victims or losers in life. That destructive emotional state we unconsciously perpetuate paralyzes us and doesn’t let us live the life to the fullest.

By understanding how you create fear in your particular brain, with the help of NLP, you can also make new neurological associations and eradicate phobias, anxiety and stress disorders.

The Meta model is an NLP technique where the practitioner will ask strategic questions in order to understand how the client is processing information is his/her brain in order to help him/her afterwards in removing the unwanted condition. We all do fear, depression, anxiety etc in our head based on the mental focus, the physiology and the meaning we give to events. Through the questions tailored for each individual based on their needs, challenges and goals, the practitioner will find out what circumstances or memories trigger the unwanted emotional response, how is the client doing the automatic unwanted behavior, what beliefs are they running in order to perpetuate the dis-empowering state of being, and of course what the fastest way is for producing long lasting positive change in the client. We all have five senses through which we perceive the external world (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste) but each one of us will have three primary ways of processing information in our brains, most common one being sight-hearing-touch. This coupled with our unique two primary human needs, our unique model of the world (beliefs, values) and the perpetual emotional states we use as fuel, will determine the necessary coaching approach that will get you the results you want.

When we are fearful, we experience worried thoughts, physical sensations like sweating, nausea, shallow breath, increased heart rate. These physical sensations, bypass the neocortex, the center of holistic decision-making, and induce behaviors like flight or fight. It has to be only one traumatic experience( car accident, break-up, betrayal, abuse, etc) happening to us and that is enough to condition us to an automatic response that will influence negatively the quality of our interactions and life circumstances in the future.

In reality, fear is an illusion, an association of a bad past experience and a projection into the present moment of that same outcome. It is a habitual pattern of thought practiced so often that it became a belief of something being true in life and so it will be for you. Our beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies, and that is how we keep repeating the same experiences in our lives, attracting the same life circumstances or people we might not want to.

As your coach I can help you in maximum 5 sessions identify what event triggered the meaning and limiting beliefs keeping you stuck in unwanted life circumstances, how you create fear in your mind (what you focus on and why you do it) and then install new commands in your subconscious with the help of NLP techniques that will get you the desired life conditions. Limiting beliefs are defense mechanisms we use because they give us the illusion of protection against harm or the short-term meeting of our needs, but in reality they keep us stuck in a vicious cycle. By removing the limiting software you have been running based on past events, and installing new empowering beliefs according with your new desires, you will be able to make a rational decision (coming from your neocortex) instead of a detrimental automatic one (coming from your amygdala), and in this way be truly free and happy. It is all in our head and thinking should be an active process, not a reactive dis-empowering one.



Sabiha K. Barot, Ain Chung, Jeansok J. Kim, Ilene L. Bernstein. Functional Imaging of Stimulus Convergence in Amygdalar Neurons during Pavlovian Fear Conditioning. PLoS ONE, 2009; 4 (7): e6156 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0006156



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