How to build your life’s blueprint and become successful

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1-My present and my future

Acknowledge where you are in this now moment, and then make the blueprint for where you want to go. Your power is in the NOW so use it wisely. Don’t settle and build goals for some areas of your life, but define goals and the blueprint for all spheres of life: self, work and relationships.


2-My passion and contribution

What are you passionate about and how do you want to contribute in making this world a better place for yourself as well as others? Define what makes you happy, and then decide why you would want to use that in making the world a better place. If you do not have a well defined what and why, you will not have the motivation to pursue your goals when encountering obstacles. But if you know why you do what you do, nothing and no one will be able to stop you.


3- My personality strength

What is your greatest strength, or lead personality trait? You have and fulfill all 3 below, but one of them makes you thrive and lose track of time because it comes easy and natural to you.

  1. The talent: artist, writer, creator- you produce change and bring value through your ideas. You have so many ideas that it is hard to keep up with all of them, so your challenge is to find the resources (finances and human capital) that you can delegate to, for the accomplishment of your ideas. You should not waste time with the task of putting every idea into practice, because you will get annoyed and not be able to move along faster with the realization of even bigger goals in life. There are people who are better at following and implementing ideas into material things, you need to do your part of exposing your ideas, and giving direction to those people into how you want them brought to life.
  2. Manager/Leader- you are good at strategizing resources, be them human capital or assets. You take the ideas of the creator, CEO etc and you devise the plans and resources to accomplish them. You do not do the physical work yourself and as a manager your weakness might come from trying to micromanage those you assign projects to. Be a wise leader and give guidance, but do not suffocate or micromanage those you delegate to, because that will make them feel incompetent and instead of building them up, you will destroy their confidence and desire to excel.
  3. Entrepreneur, visionary- you are the first one to see opportunities in everything and everyone around you. You have a knack for acknowledging the potential in something or someone. You might not have as many ideas on your own, the way the creator has, but you see the practical side of the opportunities observed in ideas or projects already initiated by others. Like a venture capitalist, you are focused on extracting the best out of what you see around you. You bring a new twist to things and can make them even better because you are focused on results and new ways of making things better than yesterday. Your weakness might come from being too insensitive to other people’s needs due to your laser like focus on results. You might exploit people just to get what you want out of them and not be understanding when they need a break or when making mistakes.

Become aware of your strengths and then acknowledge your dreams.

Implement your plans by gathering the necessary resources and stay focused on your path!

Take over the world, champ ;)!


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