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Thank you for making me believe in myself and my unique talents, my business is taking off like I never expected it to do and I am happier than I ever was. This past month I’ve been getting 10 new orders, 2 of them being contracts for a wedding and an art exposition, and all this is from referrals my neighbors gave to people they know, so I think my next step is to get a website started and advertise online now. My dream is really happening and things are moving so fast that I am working 18 hours a day and not feeling it at all, I even forget to eat because I’m so enthusiastic and need to remember to take breaks. You are such an inspiration and I am so appreciative for having found your website, we started as wanting to build my self confidence in the workplace and now I am a business owner, doing what I always wanted to do. Much love and appreciation! –Sandra Lee, NY

How are you my dear, I need to write in here about how wonderful my life is since I started working with you. My body feels so much better and the pain in my knees is gone. It is unbelievable, it has been only 2 months since we started doing the Reiki sessions and the yoga exercises and I am a new person. In these past months I could barely walk anymore from so much discomfort and this week I’ve been enjoying walks with my husband every night for an hour. Oh and one more thing, my visualization board just completed itself Wednesday when my daughter announced she is pregnant.. Bless your wonderful light! –Dorothy B, NY

Thank you for making me realize how much power I have and how much freedom to do what I want to do. Somehow I forgot all that in these past years, and you helped me remember it.You’re the best!–Kira, Boston

Madalina, you are a sweetheart, such a free spirit you are contagious with your joy and warmth. Our sessions made me realize that I take life to seriously and should remember to smile more often, good things seem to happen when I do that.. Much love!–Charlotte O, North Carolina

Yes I can do it, haha now I know I can because my life seems to get better and better since I learned to flow with it and solutions and opportunities are coming easier. BTW, just after committing to focus on myself and not care about finding Mr Right, I met a wonderful person and everything is so easy and relaxing, no more gripping to how it should be. Thank you for making me see how desperate I was!–Janet, San Diego

I just got a new job, it’s amazing it is so much better than what I was expecting. I’ve been keeping up with the practices you taught me and since I relaxed now it happened without me in the way.. I really understand how everything happens and it is such a relief, To freedom!–Joshua C, NY

Ok, you know how I was skeptical about all this energy alignment before action stuff, well now I know it’s real. I enjoy the meditation practice you gave me very much, and I’m amazed to see that every time I do it in the morning when I set up my daily intentions, the clearer I am about certain things the faster and easier they happen..this is mind boggling but it works and I’m so happy for being able to do it instead of stressing out all the time.Thank you–Karen B, Canada

Hi, just wanted to say I am truly grateful for everything you have done for me, I feel like a totally new person that is not afraid of life anymore but ready for making the best out of it. It’s funny how simple it all is and how complicated I used to make things for myself with all the doubts and fears..My wife says that she doesn’t know who this new confident person is but she is loving him already 🙂 Thanks so much for your dedication in helping me remember that is all in my power. I just went for an interview this past week, I was relaxed and confident and they called 2 hours after the interview making me an offer. In these past 3 months since I started working with you so many good things have been shifting in my life and I feel that it is just the beginning. You are a wonderful and special person!–Brian, Hoboken NJ

What a journey, life is really full of opportunities and you just need to relax, be awake and take advantage of them. Thank you for helping me connect with myself, I finally see the possibilities and things are transforming around me without me having to do too much about it. I have not felt this good and empowered since I was in my 30′s and I cannot thank you enough for bringing me back to a new life and a new way of thinking.–Carla, Arkansas

Thank you for showing me a beautiful side of life where I don’t have to focus on what’s wrong but instead keep my attention on what’s right. I have been feeling pretty high since we started working together and because of that everything just unfolds with ease. I am surprised to see how pleasant the day unfolds if I focus for 10 minutes in meditation on what I am grateful about and how I want the day to go. I just feel so happy and light and everyone around me even at work compliments me for spreading the good vibes..this is what it is all about, I get it..–Laura, Montreal

You are absolutely the best, you took me out of my depression and with humor showed me how I was hurting myself. Thank you for being who you are, and going out of your way to meet me in person when you felt I was at a really low point. Your warmth and positive energy lifted me from the self imposed horror stories I was constructing about my future. Having you coach me through my divorce, and making me realize that I’m not even happy in my relationships but I am just afraid of change, created the opportunity to meet and be with the wonderful man that I have next to me now. We love you–Cindy and Paul M, NY

At a time when I was going through a big transition in my life, trying to create a new life and develop a new business you have gently guided and supported me with overcoming my anxieties and fears and made me step up to the plate with all that I have. Your passion and enthusiasm is fierce and helped me remove the internal blocks I had regarding making this possible. Thank you for helping me create the vision of what I want, a realistic plan for how to get there and the valuable skills in confidence and building rapport with my clients. Every time I felt like the obstacle was too big, you somehow managed by the end of the session to make me change my mind and be enthusiastic about overcoming it, this attitude changed my approach in life and I am a changed person because of it. It really is all in our head, we just have to change our way of looking at things. Thanks so much!–Christian, NJ


EQ Coaching

  1. Studies show that high emotional quotient (or EQ) boosts career success, entrepreneurial potential, leadership talent, relationship satisfaction, higher levels of happiness, mental and physical health, improved social and marital relationships, and decreased levels of cortisol (the stress hormone).
  2. Leaders and managers with a high EQ foster an environment of personal development, increased productivity and profits, reduced healthcare costs, increased employee satisfaction and employee engagement as well as decreased turnover

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NLP Coaching


  1. Re-program your mind for success in any area of your life, become aware of how you think, feel and the internal language you use to represent your everyday experiences.
  2. Understand your mental make-up and achieve mastery over your life by discovering the connections between your physiology, mental focus and internal dialog. These three lead to behavioral patterns and outcomes that you are now living.

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Meditation Coaching


  1. Generates optimism, self esteem, confidence and motivation with increased energy levels
  2. Releases fears and stops mind chatter, leaving space for clarity and inspirational thoughts
  3. Cures depression and anxiety, relaxing the nervous and muscular systems
  4. Improves the flow of energy, releasing toxins and diseases at all levels of the body

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Kundalini Yoga Instructor


  1. Also called the “yoga of desire”, “yoga of awareness” or the “yoga of pure potential”, Kundalini yoga leads to enlightenment 16 times faster than any other type of yoga known at the moment.
  2. The exercises( kriyas), postures(asanas), breathing(pranayama), mantras(sound vibrations), bandhas( body locks), mudras( hand positions) expand and contract from many angles through pressure the body, permeating the areas with highly charged and oxygenated blood. The blood forces the capillaries to eliminate toxins and all harmful elements thus leaving the system revitalized and the glands and nerves firing and functioning at optimal levels.

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Reiki Master Practitioner


  1. Promotes and accelerates our bodies own natural ability to heal any type of disease
  2. Promotes restful and deep sleep
  3. Balances our energy centers (Chakras) in the body, therefore promoting health at the organs and bodily functions
  4. Strengthens the immune system allowing it to better deal with daily stress and viruses and helps with releasing addiction
  5. Removes toxins from the body and relieves pain-headaches, backaches, relaxing the muscles

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