Frivolous lawsuit and forged original lease

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And so the search for the fourth lawyer starts.
It does not matter that a lawsuit was filed against me stating I breached the conditions of my lease, while the actual lease was not filed, but instead a renewal was.
It does not matter that the original lease keeps being forged and a fraudulent copy sent over to my lawyers, because the plaintiff affirms that they are not forging the lease and have no idea I had a guarantor.
Apparently I was also unemployed and receiving unemployment from my previous employer back in February 2013, therefore could not get an apartment without a guarantor.

Also apparently, I have exhibits in the case which show the plaintiff sending me a form for my guarantor, as well as the guarantor receiving the form and the information he needed to submit in order for me to get the apartment.
It does not matter that the plaintiff has failed to respond to discovery motions and also was sent 2 Subpoenas by my previous lawyer asking for the original lease. It seems like my lawyer was not supposed to serve these Subpoenas to the plaintiff’s lawyer, but instead to the actual plaintiff. So now I new Subpoena has to be sent again. Then again if my lawyer would have done his job, then he would have known who he needs to send Subpoena’s to. But also apparently back in February 2016 when I asked my landlord for the original lease, I was instructed to ask the lawyer for it, since the lawyer has all the documents in the case. It seems logical that the lawyer would have all the documents, since he is the one representing the plaintiff and indeed needs to have these documents. The same lawyer, Mr. Lawrence Silberman who today affirmed in court as having no idea of me having a guarantor in the first place, and told me he should impose sanctions on me for serving him Subpoena’s asking for the original lease, since I had my lawyer serve him with 2 Subpoenas asking for the original lease to which he failed to respond.
It does not matter that I waited 8 days for a Subpoena to be sent, that my lawyer put a clause in our contract that he will follow my wishes because he chooses not to file the motions following failure to respond to a subpoena and to represent me, because the disagreements are too big at this time and we will have to deal with the contract in the future.
Apparently I am giving plenty of evidence regarding the filing of a lawsuit on the wrong document, a renewal, and also the refusal of the plaintiff to provide my lawyers with an certified copy of the original lease since December. Instead my lawyers receive a forged lease, where the signature of the guarantor is covered. But all this evidence is not enough in proving the lack of credibility of the plaintiff and the harassment nature of this lawsuit.
At the right time  I would like to have the media involved in this, therefore if interested please contact me in private. I am interested in finding out about Real Estate lawyers as well as harassment lawyers, same thing if interested contact me in private.Proof Attorney Silberan has the leaseUnemployment February 2013 Unemployment February 2013(1)


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