Forcing your dreams unto another

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Dreams are precious, and you can make them a reality.
But while you pursue them, make sure you:

Don’t force your dreams onto another, abusing and harassing them in order to make them comply with your wishes
Don’t create diversions and throw another under the bus, in order to get what you want.
Don’t twist facts in order to suit your wishes and goals.
Don’t hurt another in order to get what you don’t have and desperately want.
Don’t deceive another and sacrifice their life in order to make your dreams happen.

Ironic to observe how a “good” person, is also filled with a huge desire to discredit and destroy another.

Don’t develop obsessions; they will not get you what you want.
Don’t be a hypocrite and put another one down in order to prove your own worth.
The moment you try to drag them down, is the moment you prove to be already below them.

Assume accountability for your actions and move on, instead of looking for people to drag down with you in order to reach your goals.
Facts have a way of coming together and a strong woman will not cave in, but raise to the challenge with everything she has.
You might try to destroy her, and manage to shake her world, but in the end she will adapt, transform and become more of who she is, a lover and a fighter, a sweetheart and a fierce woman, when attacked.
She will not be intimidated and reduced to silence, because fierce independence is her prerogative.
Don’t be a fool and take her sweetness and joy of life for weakness.
It’s not for show, it’s just who she is.
Don’t be deceived by a fragile tiny figure and think she is easy to break
You might find out the concept of “Strong essences come in small packages” to be very true.

Think well before you throw harmful words or actions towards another, and try to destroy their life for your own benefit.
“Don’t do unto others what you would not want done unto you.”


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