Stepping out of your comfort zone

“What lies before us and what lies behind us, are but small matter compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out into the world miracles happen.” – Henry David Thoreau

Stepping Out of your comfort zone

The comfort zone gives you a perceived sense of safety, but that is an illusion of your Ego.

Your ego is your fearful side, it wants familiarity because all that’s new is scary. The Ego doesn’t know whats out there and in his plan to keep you “action paralyzed” invents all sorts of monsters and dangers, loses and dramas.

And paralyzed you become if you don’t take control of your brain, go past the fear of failure and try new things, ways, experiences, approach life from a new perspective, one of love and courage to succeed. Determination and belief start in the mind and you need both in order to be a successful person. Be open minded to new possibilities, new opportunities, new paths in life… if you have the determination and belief in yourself, you will achieve them.


Stepping out of your comfort zone
Our resistance to change is what keeps us down, what makes us compromise and stay in unfulfilling jobs, relationships, unhealthy habits etc.

Habit creatures, afraid of our reality, we hold on to what’s familiar even though what’s familiar doesn’t bring us happiness or peace of mind.

We compromise and live unfulfilled lives struggling and perceiving advancement as impossible.Because of this, inner conflicts start to surface and resentment shows up as a consequence because we are not listening to our heart’s desires, to our dreams, but instead we feel powerless, angry or envious whenever we meet a successful person. We want their life situation, their success, confidence and determination but we feel that’s an impossible dream for us.

The Ego starts telling us: “but only if you would have the right resources, a supportive partner, or maybe no family and responsibilities, talent, creativity”, you name it…Your ego is very clever and resourceful so it will easily come up with talks that would go straight at the core of your limiting beliefs and shake your confidence and determination to achieve your goals.

We need to understand our own thinking patterns and form healthy ways of perception if we want to understand who we are and why we’re here? It is not a coincidence, actually it is an amazing time of great contrast that helps us gain self knowledge, understand our truth and feel unconditional love for a tormented world.


Stepping out of my comfort zone 2nd paragraph
We live in a society dominated by materialism and deception, we are being bombarded with negative messages every day and we also feed our bodies with food empty of nutritional value, food chemically processed and made addictive and destructive to our own health. We need to make a choice to care for our well-being and commit to living good lives.

Give yourself a chance at BEING, your unconscious habits are not easy to break or unlearn, if you ask people that had a smoking or drinking habit and succeeded in getting rid of it, they will tell you the temptation to go back into having one more cigarette or one more drink remains for a long time. It is the same way with your Ego mind, it will relax more and more over time and you will become empowered and in charge over time, even though you might have slip-ups from time to time. We are creatures of habit and until we learn to live present every moment, instead of living in our past or future, we will have to take a journey of self-awareness and self-realization.


Stepping out of your comfort zone 3rd paragraph
You have a will and free choice, and you better start making use of them in stoping the victim mentality and creating a desirable reality. You have the power to change it ALL, are you going to do it?

In order to feel accepted by our families and society we become accustomed at breaking our own will by compromising and choosing unpleasant circumstances for us. So take down the people pleaser and the “I’m no special” mask and learn that you don’t have to be afraid of your uniqueness. Embrace it, it is your uniqueness that holds special gifts for you. All those terrifying corners of your mind, uncover them layer by layer and come back to a whole you. Step outside the cage you yourself created and embrace the world while walking your truth. You can be and do anything you want and you have the resourcefulness for that inside, you just forgot it is there. Let’s discover it together, I would be delighted to help you remember what an amazing soul you are.

There is so much relief in truth and authenticity of being, so much beauty, vision and peace.

Don’t live a life of regret, decide to change what doesn’t work and glide into a new life.


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