Are you happy with your life?

The decisions we make until we’re living an authentic life are usually based on other people’s approval or our fears and insecurities. A lot of us shape ourselves and our lives according with societal norms and everybody else’s wish or opinion, BUT our own. We might even desire the external approval so badly that we go and pursue careers and businesses that we lack passion for, just to be looked at as accomplished individuals.


Are you happy with your life 1st paragraph
If there is one thing I am convinced now is that the ego is very clever, it will play scenarios in your mind based on your fears and will try anything to keep you in the comfort zone, it has infinite tactics and you cannot defeat it. But the moment you stop resisting who you are and your present life situation, when you decide that you have full responsibility for your life and accept everybody else for their unique and beautiful differences, the ego relaxes and you become your master. We are pure potentiality, creators of our lives, each one of us has infinite potential and when we start on this journey of self- discovery, we re-learn who we are and what we’re capable off. We learn to perceive the world with an attitude of love, gratitude and empowerment.

We keep looking for clues and approval outside of us, when the only approval we are in need of is self-approval.

It is very sad we get to disregard our intuition so easily and guide ourselves according to what our brain tells us we should do, just because we grew up in a scientific oriented society that gives credit to rational thinking while disregarding the heart’s desires and advice. We were taught to trust our brain alone, be logical and responsible, but our brain alone cannot comprehend and explain the beauty and wonder of our nature if it is tainted with fear. Fear is limitation and it will never let us live a fulfilled life, so learn to use your brain as the wonderful creation tool that it is and follow your desires even if that means going out of your comfort zone.


Are you happy with your life 2nd paragraph
Our society has been oriented towards logical thinking, which is not bad in itself, but uses only functions pertaining to our left hemisphere of the brain while ignoring the right side which has creative and expansionary functions. With the advancement of technology, our world got bombarded with change because we are at a time of expansion, of uniting the left and the right sides of our brains and become conscious co-creators, but the majority of people feel stuck and stressed out living a life of duty and struggle instead of enjoying and creating the life they want to live. They listen to the scary stories their ego is creating about pain, struggle, bad economy, lack of possibilities, lack of potential etc.




Are you happy 3rd paragraph
Don’t fall for this self limiting talk, decide that you will set up a Sunday afternoon and get in touch with your life situation and the dreams you put aside for such a long time. Take the time to realize what is important for you, what are your dreams and passions, your gifts and talents, what is it that you always wanted to do but never took time or were to afraid to actually do.

Maybe there were many times you started working towards a goal but never finished it, this is a common behavior as well.


Stop feeling bad for all the time you wasted, all passed opportunities and grievances, self sabotaging talks, or any limitations might come to mind and start fresh NOW with a commitment to change your life for the better.

Take a notebook and go in nature, maybe near a river, or just make sure you are alone and undisturbed for 2-3 hours and start thinking about who you truly are? Drop the identification such as doctor, lawyer, mother etc and instead focus on what you really want and would do if anything would be possible, because it actually IS you just have to decide you want it first:

  • Who am I?
  • What are my values?
  • What are my talents and gifts, the things I do better and easier than others?
  • What is important for me in life?
  • How would my perfect life look like?

Identify your passions and think how you can apply yourself and make a contribution to the world.


Are you happy with your life 4th paragraph
Our loving creator (God, Buddha, Krishna, Allah, Consciousness, Spirit), is the Source of everything there is and before you were born unto this planet you were gifted with certain talents and skills. Think about all those skills that come natural to you, are easy and fun…you lose track of time when you are engaged in activities requiring those type of skills and you seem to master them with ease.

You think it’s just a coincidence? There are no coincidences, you have those skills because you came here with a desire to enjoy this experience by doing what you love and through that creating a better world for everyone and be a conscious Co-Creator with Divinity.

Only when you tap into that natural magnificence, when you decide to improve yourself and the world and step into your greatness, you will be successful and fulfilled. Only then you will realize you are supported by the universe and given opportunities to achieve your goals, and you will start feeling content and joyful with your life.

There are scientific studies now that show the universe is all made up of energy and information, and movies like “What the bleep do we know”, “The Secret”, “You can heal your life” are spreading this knowledge to the mainstream population. Read the words of sages and visionaries and you will realize they are all sending us the same message. Our thoughts create our reality, since everything is energy and information, then that means energy can take any form or essence you might dream and desire.


Are you happy with your life 5th paragraph
When you create a thought, especially one you put emotion into (such as your dream of success), you have created energy that goes out in the universe and brings back to you the resources that the source now is creating for you to accomplish that dream. The process takes care of itself and it can be very easy as long as we don’t resist the changes that might need to happen in order for us to get where we want to do and always keep ourselves in good emotions, knowing that no matter what is in front of us we are on our way towards a new and happy life. We usually get stuck here because we feel what we don’t want, we ask for an improved condition, the universe becomes that in that same moment and starts sending us the events, people, circumstances to bring us where we now want to be, but we keep ourselves in low emotions and block the higher vibrations that will bring the new life in. Being happy, optimistic and enthusiastic about life is a total different vibration than being miserable, depressed, angry or doubtful about what we want and we always have to match the vibration of the wanted experience in order for it to come into our physical reality.

So many others around you have done the impossible over time in practically every field there is out there, records are broken every second, miracles happen every moment

Breathe deeply and feel yourself filled with hope, enthusiasm and determination to enjoy your life, forgive yourself and others, discover your gifts and start living. The moment you accept yourself and your present conditions, something magic changes in your whole biochemistry and a new life full of possibilities starts unfolding in front you.