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1) Contest opportunity
Hello fellow coaches and business owners. Please let me know by private message what are the best days to promote your posts, more precisely the days you have found your posts reach maximum exposure due to the amount of people spending their time on social media on those particular days.
I am trying to understand the trends and maximize the budget allocated for marketing my services through boosting posts, so PLEASE do not message me unless you are a business owner, use marketing companies to promote yourself, and have a verifiable track record.

I have been very happy working with Digital Marketer for a lot of aspects of my business for the past 3 years, but if you use another marketing company with great results do let me know.
Once you send me your message, you will be added to a private forum at where there will be votes given by all contributors towards all the messages received. The award will go to the best message, the one with most votes, and it will be in the amount of $500. This will be a great opportunity for all of us to connect, learn from each other, find better ways of marketing our services and grow our businesses.

2) Anti-spam software for social media promotion

Also please let me know about any anti-spam software you are using when marketing your work.

I heard SpamFighter gives good results, if you have experience with that do mention it in your message, or if you discovered other ones then write in your message about those, as I am very interested in learning about this topic.

Thanks so much, have a wonderful week and awaiting your answers!


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