Synchronicity Universal behavior connected with subjective behavior

I have invented the term synchronicity, that is things happening at the same moment, as an expression of the same time content” – Carl Jung

Synchronicity 1st paragraph
The concept of synchronicity was developed by Carl Jung after associating a subjective experience one of his patients had by dreaming a golden scarab one night with an objective manifestation the following day that took place when the patient was in psychotherapy in his office, and when a golden scarab hit his window office. At that point Jung caught the insect and when realizing that it is indeed a golden scarab came to the conclusion that there are what we call “coincidences” that seem to have meaningful connection between subjective psychological experiences and objective physical manifestations(*1).

Jung and Nobel Laureat Wolfgang Pauli wrote extensively about the concept of “Unus Mundus”(*2), which means one world in latin, and refers to the Oneness principle of reality that creates everything in the universe. They made the connection between “Archetypes”(which represent universal symbols of people, personalities or behaviors) and “Synchronicity” concepts and tied them back to the “Unus Mundus” concept.

The archetype is the expression of the Oneness and Synchronicity is possible because the person experiencing the subjective psychological experience as well as the objective manifestation in the physical realm are both created and stem from the same Unus Mundus or Source.

Synchronicity is what guides our reality, if we are on the right path and follow our heart’s purpose then we are gently guided and helped with synchronicities that bring us closer to our desires or goals.

Synchronicity is your connection with the universal consciousness which results in a manifestation of your intention or desire.Those moments when you think of something or someone and then you get to receive a phone call or they decide to visit you, or you desire something and then somehow somebody brings it to you, that moment a meaningful coincidence happens that ties together the internal world with the external one.


Synchronicity 2nd paragraph
There is a loving consciousness we are part of and that larger part of us is always guiding us, even though we might not hear it and instead hear and listen to our Ego’s voice, we are always guided because we are stars of consciousness traveling across the universe embodying in physical form in an evolutionary master dance of co-creation and self mastery. Spirit is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, it has equally feminine qualities as well as masculine.

When you’re excited and empowered about being successful, in whatever area of your life, the energy you’re creating goes out in the universe and brings you back divine ideas, circumstances and people that will help you create your dream. The moment you receive an idea and your heart, your intuition, tells you to follow it, you have to take action. You need to be organized, resourceful and consistent in achieving success, because our brain lives in duality and we need to uncover the illusions our Ego creates and discover our true nature and a new world of infinite possibilities and joy.


Synchronicity 3rd paragraph
Our individual evolution is interconnected with the collective evolution of humanity, we are all connected and affecting each other at each moment on a larger scale even though we seem to be separate we are all One.

Let’s become conscious of our nature, let’s decide to love ourselves and others just for what we are right now, perfect in our imperfections, let’s give without expecting anything back, let’s observe only the good in each other and learn to be compassionate for all the pain and suffering we all went through in different circumstances and times.We all went through depression, anger, hatred, envy, helplessness as well as joy, love, pleasure and abundance and it is time to embrace it all.

You want to be successful? …better start giving right now your talents, your time, love, patience, words of wisdom, kindness, or understanding to those around you, starting with your family.

One of the fundamental moves you have to do in order to be successful is to change your beliefs about yourself and the possibilities of the world you live in. Your experience has taught you that you are separate, alone and at the mercy of outside events but that is an illusion created by your mind. This is my passion in this lifetime, I want to help you get in touch with your feelings and Loving Self, remove those limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in powerlessness, help you become aware of your false personas and instead identify your gifts and passions, help you learn mental, emotional and behavioral attitudes that move you forward in reaching your full potential. I will help you devise a plan, track your progress and inspire you to stay optimistic and work consistently towards those goals, be them enlightenment or Earth realities like weight loss, a new career, a new relationship, health, finances.


Synchronicity 4th paragraph
Some of the existential questions we all ask ourselves are: “Who am I”, “Where am I coming from and going after this life” and Why am I here?

And the answers I believe are something along the lines of “ I am an infinite loving vibrational being, who embodied into this physical reality in order to overcome limitation and learn to love myself and others unconditionally, express my unique genius by doing what I love and fully enjoy my experience as co-creator with my Source”. We come to train here in the contrast, in a dualistic world where we perceive light and darkness, good and bad, beautiful and ugly because we want to understand better unity consciousness and get to create through our focus.

But to achieve that we need to learn to perceive the world through the eyes of Source, forgive and let go of the past and all we were trained to believe our reality is, because our Ego’s mind frame is one of separation, one that decides to live in fear, and holds us prisoners in limitation.

Be the change you want to see in your world” – you heard Gandhi say, just do it and you’ll start reaping results, you will start experiencing peace, love and joy in every moment of your life and will get to know your power more and more. Take guided action towards your desires, be consistent and adaptable, be open to how the universe is going to manifest your desires.


When I first started following synchonicities about this new way of experiencing reality which seemed so beautiful and true in my heart but of course I was dealing with doubts coming from stories my mind was creating, I asked my Loving Self to give me a rose as a sign that I am on the right track and so that I would know in that moment that it is a divine sign. Not later than a month after that, I was able to go to an NLP workshop in Buffalo and on my way there I had to stop for gas. I got into a gas station and the first thing my eyes landed upon was a gorgeous multicolored rose sitting in between dozens of red roses. It was so beautiful that I came closer to it and looked at the petals when a thought took me by surprise “The rose I asked for…” It was the only one there and waiting for me. It was so out of the ordinary, I never before saw a rose that had mixed petals each colored in pink, green, blue and yellow…plus it was the only one and the first thing my eyes landed on when I opened the door and happened to be on a trip where I was going for coaching training to follow my passion of helping people find their happiness…it was such a magical moment, I felt loved and connected with everything around me. Since then plenty of events like this and even better have happened. Try it, put intentions out there and then let go of them and see how fast you will see them manifest in your physical reality, you will get tremendous joy and they will be evidence of your direct connection and communication with the universe that would love to give you moments like this all day every day, if we would let them in by keeping ourselves in eager positive expectation and enjoyment of life.

Constantly move towards your goals by taking action and detaching from the outcome, letting the universe bring you with ease what you want, trust the process and enjoy your life and what you’re co-creating and focus on positive thoughts and emotions.

The process starts with a decision to change your perception and be happy.

(1)- Jung, Carl, Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle, Princeton University Press, 2010, Paperback
(2)-Jung, Carl,Man and His Symbols, Dell, 1968. Paperback, p.384-5

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