Quantum Physics explains reality

“If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet”
Niels Bohr

“Einstein was searching for String Theory. It not only reconciles General Relativity to Quantum Mechanics, but it reconciles Science and the Bible as well”
Roy H. Williams

“A human being is a part of a whole, called by us _universe_, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest… a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”
Albert Einstein


Quantum physics 1st paragraph
Quantum Physics is the science of potentiality and studies the behavior and interaction of matter and energy at the subatomic level. Research showed that matter behaves very differently at the subatomic level as opposed to matter observed at the macro level( Newtonian Physics) and photons are the smallest particles of light and carriers of electromagnetic energy. Our body is comprised of 25 elements and the universe(from what scientists know at the present moment) has around 61 elementary particles that constitute matter, some of them being quarks, neutrinos, higgsons, bosons etc (*1).

In 1987 an experiment called the Double-slit experiment proved this fantastic reality present at the microcosmic level where photons and electrons exhibit both wave like or particle like behavior depending on what the physicist is looking for. If the physicist is looking for a particle and uses a particle detector he will find a particle, but if he looks for a wave and uses a screen he will see a wave like behavior(*2). All this research proves that our Universe is not solid, not made out of solid matter like objects but instead it is made out of potentiality waves. What you observe, observes you and gets created by your observation of it and you get to experiment that potentiality that you believe to be real, even though there are infinite potentialities that can happen and do happen in parallel universes.

Quantum physics is able to discover this amazing reality we weren’t aware of until now and get us to better understand our reality and our power as deliberate creators as we learn to create by choosing wisely our focus when it comes to our thoughts and most importantly our emotions. We create our life by what we believe to be reality, by our focus and observation of events, interpretations based on past experiences and assumptions toward what is possible.
In 1900 Max Planck tried to find out blackbody radiation, specifically why the radiation from a glowing body changes color from red to orange to blue as its temperature rises, and found his answer by making the assumption that energy exists in individuals units, which he called quanta, and it is absorbed in packets of a definite size rather than just constant electromagnetic waves as science knew at that time based on Newtonian principles(*3). Many other scientists have contributed through time to this new field that sheds light on possibilities and from all these discoveries there are several main interpretations of quantum physics explaining the nature of our reality:

Quantum physics 2nd paragraph
1. The Copenhagen Interpretation proposed by Niels Bohr,Werner Heisenberg, and Max Born in 1930 theorizes the superposition principle which implies that until we actually observe a particle, that particle can be either a wave or a single unit and does not exist or have any specific properties besides the properties we give it by our observation of it. In other words there is no fixed, objective, solid or unchangeable reality out there and everything is relative to the focus and interpretation the observer is attributing to it(*4).

Quantum physics 3rd paragraph
2. Multiple Worlds Interpretation proposes that the potential for any object to be in any state transforms the universe of that object into a series of parallel universes which equals the number of possible states of being for that particular object, while at the same time specifying that each universe will present a unique possible state for that object and the observer will experience that unique reality he believes to be true(*5).



Quantum physics 4th paragraph
3. Morphogenic Fields introduced by Rupert Sheldrake, a scientist well known for his research in biochemistry and parapsychology which theorizes that a person’s unique genetic structure acts as an antenna through which he/she connects with universal broadcasts known as morphogenic fields. Contrary to what we were taught in school, that the brain is the place where all mental activity takes place, Sheldrake proposes that there is a field of habitual patterns that links all humanity and the more people have a habitual pattern of knowledge, perception or behavior, the stronger the field becomes and the more easily the pattern is assimilated in a new person trying to access that information. We are constantly connected and communicating with this consciousness that we are part of and that far surpasses the brain’s capacity of understanding. We are not able to understand the fabric of this universe with our brain’s capacity but we can feel it in our heart, the most beautiful experiences in this world are invisible( ex: love, freedom). He also specifies that such fields exist in nature as well, and there are experiments to prove it for birds, plants or crystals(*6).


Quantum physics 5th aparagraph
4. The Matter-Mind Connection & Monistic Idealism states that consciousness creates the physical world, therefore there is no solid matter out there, as we are led to believe by the materialistic dualism which says that physical matter is a primary reality and the mind is separate and dependent on it. Proponents of the Monistic Idealism have been many: Plato, Edgar Cayce, Heraclitus, Christian von Wolff, Hegel as well as Buddhism and Hinduism, and some of my favorite ones are J. Safatti and Amit Goswami. The only existing substance in the Universe is mental and the external world is a mental projection and an illusion created by the mind,by the Subjective Observer(you) and you are a focused vibrational being of that Objective Observer(God) who creates it all including you in this physical realm. The objective observer( God or consciousness) created and evolves this world in order to experience itself through an infinite diversity of manifestations, and you and me help the universe evolve constantly by our experience here, our launching of desires and our transcendence of the illusionary ego mind as well as our remembrance of powerful creators through and of joy and beauty. This is why we embodied, to learn to focus our mind and experience tremendous joy in these perceived limited bodies and remember our tremendous power. Our mind creates matter and it is an intrinsic part of a larger consciousness that creates it all, but our focus changes everything, our mental decision of what the world is for us will translate itself into the material world that we will experience. Whenever we will be focusing on the world from our ego mind it will feel bad because in those moments our emotional guidance system will let us know we are not aligned with the larger part of us, with the consciousness of this universe, it is meant to feel bad so we can correct our perception. Unity or oneness is the nature of the Universe and there are a set of laws that govern it( the laws of the Universe or success that I will be talking to you about in a different article meant to help you remember who you truly are)(*7).


Quantum physics 6th paragraph
5. The Uncertainty Principle developed by Werner Heisenberg states that the observer affects the observed object. Whenever you are looking at something you alter the fabric of it, therefore there is no fixed reality, the way materialism and classic physics taught us, but instead reality is dependent on the observer, we create reality by the interpretation that we give to it. The experiments done suggested that one cannot measure simultaneously and with precision certain pairs of physical properties of a particle let’s say an electron, such as the position and momentum in experiments because the more precisely the position of some particle is the less precisely its momentum can be known, and vice versa. Our limited brain measures and compares and judges, it brings the non-local or infinite consciousness into a specific material shape which is manifested through our individual perceptions and experience, while at the same time we provide the vehicles for the infinite consciousness to become aware of itself through each of our diverse interpretations of reality. We are all unique and have a unique understanding of life and we come here as narrowed focus points of that infinite consciousness bringing unique talents that can evolve this playing field we call reality. We are co-creators with the Divine Intelligence and we have free will and the power to create whatever we want, because we have the same essence as that infinite, all powerful, all knowing, most importantly all LOVING consciousness. That is why Hitler or Stalin and Mother Teresa went back to the same perfect loving source, there is no karma and there is no right or wrong in the big scheme of things, it is all an evolving game. The essence of the Universe is love, unconditional love for this moment right now exactly as it is, and when you tap in yourself and live those positive feelings you are aligned with that Divine Intelligence(*8).


Quantum physics 7th paragraph
6. The Implicate Order proposed by David Bohm’s talks about the Universe as a giant web of information where individual particles transmit and receive information through what has been termed a “pilot wave” or a forcefield that stands behind everything else( consciousness) and due to the fact that the information is present in the wave it is immediately transmissible and available to each particle in the universe, there is an implicate order of unity throughout the Universe, nothing is separate unless observed and acknowledged as being separate and therefore creating that separate reality. Look at yourself as being one particle of that wave, you are the individual particle but at the same time you have all the qualities of the wave as well, it is like a hologram the macrocosm is comprised in each microcosm. Everything in the Universe is governed by certain laws and relationships and it is alive and communicating at all times on different frequencies that you can be at according with the vibrational tone you get to send out. That is why inspiration and creativity is huge when you are calm and positive because you get to tune into these higher realms of knowledge, and consciousness can communicate with you and send you the information you’re seeking(*9).


Quantum physics 8th paragraph
7. Anthropic Principle holds that the universe is life supportive and that observers are needed in order to bring that Universe into existence, into materiality. Everything seems to have a flow and being connected with everything else in chains that are conducive to certain conditions favorable to life and the development of life, and there have been observations of anthropic coincidences that show a fine-tuning of the universe in order to support life and our existence on it which depends on cosmological constants and parameters with values that must fall within a specific and narrow range of values in order for us to exist. The conditions in which this planet formed and continues to exist are very well defined and working in a continuum with way to many perfect coincidences that support life, and scientists asked themselves why is that? If we look back at the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics we see that a living consciousness is required to observe and through its observation create physical reality, without us as focal points of consciousness the Universe cannot come into material form(*10).

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