Learning to focus creatively instead of suffering

We can not solve problems with the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein

Learning to focus creatively 1st paragraph
We got trained to be realists, to believe that if we don’t ask loud enough, work hard, strive to analyze and calculate every move, wrestle every problem until our head explodes with worry( the most acute problem in our society is STRESS) we won’t get the solution, we won’t get what we want, being it happiness, success, money etc. We deeply believe that our life depends on external conditions and only after we have a certain career, car, spouse, financial situation we can be happy. But the universal laws work opposite to those emotions of lack, fear, of not doing or being enough, or doubt. Only when we are able to be joyful or at least detached in the present moment we can send a vibration of peace and enjoyment of life and in that second start attracting the things/people/circumstances that are in alignment with those emotions and can bring to us the abundance, happiness, love, creativity and deliciousness we want.

Instead of being miserable every day for things not being the way you would like them to be, and having an attitude of “I don’t have enough, things are never working my way, God this is so unfair(this used to be one of my favorites), and all those wonderful emotions that come with this sorrow party, you would be better off making peace with where you are. If you desire something but are not feeling or believing it then life is bringing you exactly the experiences you need to gain awareness of those limiting beliefs and evolve to the next level, and NOW you can be on your way to receiving it. If you start focusing on what you do have and appreciate everything you can about your life without doubting that you are going to create exactly what you want in your life, or letting go and letting the universe handle your requests you will be on your way to a new life.


Learning to focus creatively 2nd paragraph
Stop thinking of what others will think of your decisions, it is not their life or your responsibility to live your life according with their beliefs of what reality is. It is not your parents, spouses or friends that should approve or disapprove what you want either and you need to start talking more to that Loving Presence about all these things instead of trying to get confirmation, encouragement or support from other people. Each person creates their reality according with their beliefs and life will prove to them those beliefs so why would you want to listen to somebody else, it might be that they want the best for you but because they have their own set of limitations and fears you would be better off keeping quiet about your goals and listen to that positive voice in your heart that will give you all the guidance and support you need. Surround yourself with positive people and information that supports you and your dreams and stay away from negativity, instead of watching the news and fearful messages the media sends read inspirational material or meditate, watch comedies and go out with friends. You will not be able to avoid all negativity just because people around you will believe things that you already know are not fixed but they might not be able to see things from where you are so in that case learn to not let your vibration be affected by them, you cannot change them and you don’t have the right to judge them instead have compassion and know how to hold your center. You are your own individual, a spiritual being that is here to express the beauty, love and grace of Spirit in your own unique way by enjoying your life and creating a better world through your unique talents, so do that without justifying it. It would be so boring for all of us to agree on everything and be the same. Accept diversity which creates richness and let your imagination run towards what feels good. I don’ know if you noticed that younger generations coming onto this planet are more and more intent in expressing their individuality and less willing to conform with the status quo, that is because we are all meant to live and do what feels right to us and express our uniqueness,not live by societal rules and norms imposed by the general consensus.


Learning to focus creatively 3rd paragraph
Only through cooperation and allowing of differences, busting out of boxes and limitations, we can transform the world and live every moment passionately, each of us enjoying life to the fullest and contributing in whatever way feels good to us.

When we let ourselves beat up by unworthiness and guilt, we need to shift and make the decision to feel good, to look for something that we appreciate and are happy with in our life, and from that place of appreciation dream about what we want and what would make us feel powerful and exhilarated, and be at peace knowing that we sent the intention and it is a matter of time until it comes into the physical. It is very tempting to wallow in negative emotions, and it comes easy to us because of everything we have lived but we cannot find any solution and cannot attract any positive thing from that vibrational level of frustration and fear. It’s just impossible, you might believe that you have to stick to a problem until you find the solution, but you actually have to detach from it, try to find something that puts you in a positive mood and trust that everything is all right and getting better. Sometime what we think we want is not what we really want, but our Ego keeps us trapped and uses these mental pictures to keep us in lower emotions, looking for pain.

When you get to accept the present moment and relax about the situation you are facing, usually you will get an idea or the problem will solve by itself, a friend might call and talk about something that will give you the answer, anyhow you will get the solution if you can make yourself relax about it and detach. The problem is not that we are not being given solutions to our problems, or opportunities for the life we want to live, it is our awareness that is impeding us to perceive these gifts and opportunities, because we come from a place of fear and doubt.


Learning to focus creatively 4th paragraph
Listen only to that voice that makes you feel good, fulfilled and worthy..be soft and let yourself enjoy this experience of living in physicality and experiencing the beauty of this manifest reality with all its contrasts, your only job is to let go of fear and limitations, and believing that all you want is coming to you right now and you can relax while pleasantly loving life. We are constantly growing and evolving and will always want more and better, but we need to appreciate the NOW and dream pleasantly about the tomorrow if we want to bring it faster. We have to disregard setbacks and see them as opportunities for clarity and better alignment with what we want and only focus on what is good and working in our lives, because we vibrate and our focus and vibrations attract like vibrations so we cannot let ourselves dwell on negativity if what we want is the opposite of that.

When you feel good and eager of pursuing whatever you need to pursue( a business, a love interest, a better body, a deeper connection with your Loving Self) things start happening around you easily and you get in the flow, synchronicities will start happening and then you will gain more and more confidence in this process and get to realize your power. When you live in this state of optimism and enjoyment, your whole external life will transform and mirror the inner life and you will be fulfilled beyond your wildest dreams.

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