Behavioral Self Mastery

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world…as in being able to remake ourselves”Mahatma Gandhi

What is behavior? Or better said what is the ideal behavior that complements our potential for greatness?

Self Mastery is our ability to use our emotions and thoughts in a productive way and create successful behaviors instead of being run over by our unconscious beliefs and emotions which trigger in us harmful attitudes when we least expect it. Ignoring our thoughts and repressing our feelings usually ends up in explosions of uncontrollable egotistic behaviors, which can cause a lot of damage in our lives and has led people to acts of violence or suicide. Becoming aware of our thoughts and feelings is the best thing we can do for ourselves, because in this way we can acknowledge what is happening and consciously choose to get the help we need. The process would require only an adjustment of those negative beliefs that keep attacking us with fearful stories and choosing to focus only on the things that we want, but until we learn to do that we might need help from other people that work with well-known modalities and can shift our perception of what is possible.


Empowerment( behavioral self mastery 1st paragraph)
In helping my clients change the way they perceive life I use Emotional Intelligence and NLP to work with their mind and re-program all those unconscious limiting beliefs as well as help them develop emotional awareness so they can understand their emotions and use them consciously in creating a better life. The majority of people go through life in a haze, being pulled by events left and right, feeling like they have no control over what is happening to them and definitely feeling powerless in creating the life they do want. In reality all the power is inside ourselves, it is a shift in mentality that brings about a shift in feelings of empowerment instead of powerlessness, and from there the behaviors that will bring us the results we want will come about. We see so many examples of people that are successful because they have this kind of mentality, we have so much information around us that confirms all this, but our ego is so strong and resistant and keeps us trapped in low feelings until we get to the point where we cannot take it anymore, and then we decide to change.

It is sad that we wait and drag ourselves through life instead of taking responsibility and really paying attention to what we want instead of what we don’t want.

Self blame or guilt are emotions with very low vibrations and most of us keep ourselves in loops of guilt, regret, depression, anger because we blame ourselves so much for everything that happens in our life. The truth is we are responsible for what happens in our life, and we are attracting all those unwanted events, but we do it unconsciously and we are better off forgiving the past and focusing on what we do want in the future.

Instead of focusing on accepting what is and looking positively at the future, we stay stuck in our negative perception of past or present events and in this way promote even more negativity in our lives. It does not help to stay focused on how we attracted something negative, the only lesson to be learned is what am I thinking about this, what am I feeling and what would make me feel better, what do I want in the future and from that moment on choosing to guide our thoughts towards that wanted thing.


Gratitude( behavioral self mastery 2nd paragraph)
We need to shift and choose to look at the bright side of things, become much more grateful in general instead of being complainers. All day long you hear people displaying negativity and feeling justified to do that because “they point out reality”, they are realistic compared to others that focus and see the positive in every situation, the latter group is considered naive or displaying idealistic views. Our society values struggle and negativity, we don’t want to make our life easier because we feel like victory would not feel like an accomplishment anymore, we subconsciously believe that only if we strain really hard and get stressed out we can achieve something of value, and in fact the opposite is true when it comes to creating our reality. Inspiration and creativity can come to us only from a positive state of mind, our brain learns much more when it is relaxed and enjoys the lessons at hand. The Universe brings to us what we focus on, so we need to be lighter and happier if we want to attract happiness and success in our life instead of problems.

Whenever we focus on a problem and struggle really hard with it, we cannot find the solution that would come to us if we would just decide to relax and believe that something will happen to improve the situation( whether an idea, help from somebody or the disappearance of the problem altogether).

Think of two people dealing with some sort of loss, their outlook in life will affect their future after the event. If the person is aware of the pain but is emotionally intelligent and finds ways to make peace with it and have beliefs in new and better things coming to them, they will be motivated to go on, but if the person has a powerless and hopeless outlook then they might very well feel like the pain is too much, from here they will go into generalizing and thinking that things never work out for them and there is no point in living anymore. Our perception of reality is all that matters, no matter how dark the present might look, if we choose to make peace with it and be positive about the future, or even better find ways to be grateful for what we have, then the situation will improve. Even death which is considered to be the ultimate loss, in reality is just a transformation, a going back to the pure vibrational field from which we came from when we embodied in these physical suits designed for this planet. There is no loss in reality, it is just an illusion of our ego mind, and when we learn to look at things from that angle nothing scares us anymore and we start to see the interconnectedness of everything, we live joyfully fully aligned with who we are.

We need to commit to focusing our thought on positive things each moment and caring about keeping ourselves in good emotions more than caring about observing “reality”.

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