Six qualities successful people embody

Six qualities successful people embody 1st paragraph


Is binding yourself mentally, emotionally and behaviorally to working towards results worth creating. Understand what you want to accomplish and realize that physical creation always follows mental creation. Commitment is fundamental to your success, because the moment you commit to a goal the universe starts moving with you in the same direction and you receive opportunities, the right people and situations to take you one step further on your path.

You have to be committed to your goals if you want to reach your full potential, you need to find goals that truly speak to you in order to have the motivation to tirelessly work towards achieving them. You can achieve anything you want, moreover when you will do what you do our of passion or enjoyment it will not feel like work at all, but instead it will be exhilarating and you will feel eager to always create and reach the next level of success.


Six qualities successful people embody 3rd paragraph

An open mind

Be willing to accept new direction in life, ideas and beliefs. The universe knows exactly what you want, even better than you know from a limited perspective, and if you keep an open mind you will attract even greater opportunities than you imagined initially. Allow joy and abundance, peace and love to come to you in whatever form the Universe sees fit.

I once heard a story about a young woman going to a manifestation mastery workshop and complaining about the ineffectiveness of the Law of Attraction to the person teaching the course. She stood up and with desperation in her voice told the teacher she has been pleading the universe to give her love, to harmonize her present relationship and bring tenderness in her life, and after weeks of meditation and affirmations her relationship seemed to be getting worse everyday. She and her partner were constantly arguing, while on top of that he also picked up a drinking habit( for which he was accusing her whenever possible). She was disillusioned, nothing seemed to work anymore and she felt she was in worse of a situation than before. The guru listened to her and all of a sudden asked her? What is it you really want? Is it a romantic relationship or just the resolve to your present relationship? She looked stunned and said she never thought about the situation from this perspective. All she wanted was a loving relationship but because she was so focused and attached to her present relationship, all her energy was going into that, instead of acknowledging the universe was showing her the way out of her present situation so as to bring her a new partner that was a better match for her. Getting attached to certain outcomes keeps us from enjoying possibilities beyond our own imagination. As we said before reality happens first in the brain, therefore if our perceptions or beliefs are limited or we don’t know what we really want we might come short of reaching our full potential.

Let the Universe guide you and trust that it will bring you more or better than what you asked for in the first place. You never know where a yes might just take you, and seeking help and guidance from Spirit makes for an amazing intimate and uplifting experience.


Six qualities successful people embody 4th paragraph


Is another attitude to cultivate and it is the ability to move forward regardless of the obstacles met on the way to success, regardless of the negative emotions and thoughts racing through your mind telling you “You cannot do this, its impossible, you will never succeed”.

You will inevitably face obstacles in reaching your goals, there are random events happening in the universe or you might need to learn a lesson from failure, what matters here is not the size of the obstacle but your response to it. Keeping a positive, determined and trusting attitude will keep you moving forward, you will not get discouraged, quit or think it is impossible. Focus on finding solutions, be resourceful and find ways to pass the obstacle and then learn from it. Understand that any unwanted event is actually an opportunity for discovering a limiting belief or fear that created it. See what lesson you can draw from it and apply it to your future success skills or if you are dealing with a really tough situation and are really depressed, choose to dive into the feeling and shift your thoughts around the situation. As long as you can slowly soothe and empower yourself with better feeling thoughts you are on the right track, moving up on the emotional scale towards where your source lives in joy and peace at all times. A lot of times, some things have to break down in order for new things to come in or in different ways but we sometimes from our limited perspective cannot see that and instead get wrapped up in horror worst case scenario stories.

In any given field success stories are backed up by persistent individuals that did not give up no matter the obstacles. They spent long hours and went through failure several times before they could achieve their goals. Learn to see failure as a stepping stone towards better outcomes, that is what it actually is.


Six qualities successful people embody 5th paragraph


Is our capacity to constantly adapt and find new ways of solving problems. When working towards a goal we need to observe our progress, reassess, keep what’s moving us ahead and drop what isn’t working or bringing any benefits. A supple attitude is essential when tackling goals, our reality constantly changes and we need not be stuck or stubborn and unmovable. In our mental processes we use habitual methods of thinking in approaching life’s challenges, and these neural pathways have hard-wired our brain, that’s why we need to gain flexibility of the brain.

Let go of shoulds, musts, it’s always been like this, expectations- and embrace freedom of change, creativity, awe and curiosity towards new possibilities and ways of being.

Have a lighter step on the planet, open yourself up for new ideas and ways of being, embrace humor and get inspired, there is a beautiful world out there waiting for your awesome presence so relax and have some fun, stop taking life so seriously.


Six qualities successful people embody 6th paragraph


“There is but one cause of human failure. And that is man’s lack of faith in his true self.”William James, American Psychologist and Philosopher

Life and people around bring us down many times and we can easily forget our dreams when trying to cope up with perceived loses, disillusions or limitations. As kids our well meaning parents start questioning our dreams and abilities, because they want to protect us and make sure that we are making the right decisions, they tell us to be sure of what we’re doing and choosing because there is a though world out there, to get grounded and realistic, get a well respected career that will offer security.

You cannot blame them, this is what they have been told as well growing up, so their perception started to change as well, reinforced by perception, their life experience showed them a world of scarcity and difficulty and therefore they came to believe it even more.

This is the moment a belief forms, and by this time its not easy for the person to perceive anything else that comes in disaccord with their existent belief because we form our beliefs and then we believe in them so damn much, especially the negative ones that makes us fearful.

“Faith is the opening of all sides and at every level of one’s life to the divine inflow.”Martin Luther King, Jr., American Minister and Civil Rights Lead

Our educational system ingrains in us a scarcity mentality and trains us to do what we’re told and how to think. We have all been robbed of vitality, creativity, passion and joy while supporting mostly the business sector and a money driven society. We get trained in schools to fulfill certain roles in organizations, in the corporate sector but nobody really takes the time to develop us as and helps us find our true callings. We learned to be competitive, skeptical, individualistic and worshipers of material possessions because that is advertised as being the epitome of happiness, lots of money. News for you there are plenty of studies that show the correlation between an income higher that $75 K/year and the level of happiness a person experiences in life to be pretty low, moreover I think you and I know that the people that have the most money are not happy, either because they don’t have the time to enjoy life being so busy or because they are missing other critical elements in their lives. It is not about money, even though when you are in a situation where you don’t have money it seems like that is heaven and you wouldn’t need anything else if you had money, but in essence all you want is what you think it will make you feel good and if you would get that, then you would want something else. This is our nature to always evolve in our desires and create more enjoyment in our life and that is why we came here, we knew we will be able to manifest our desires if we stay connected with our source and in the flow by following our good emotions. Everything you desire is because you want to feel good, to be happy and satisfied, and the fastest way to do that while making money is by becoming aware of who you are and what you want out of this life and then go after that.


Six qualities successful people embody 7th paragraph


Is a wonderful emotion and if practiced with a pure heart changes your life instantly. When we are grateful we acknowledge the magic of the universe, and send out our appreciation for the creator and for its creation. Gratitude makes us accept the present moment of each experience as infinitely perfect.

Your soul wants peace, love, joy, empowerment, purpose and bliss. So be grateful for your life, the way it is right now, accept this moment for the wonderful blessing it is, whether it brings a “spontaneous fulfillment of desire”, or a lesson in awareness about an outcome you DON’T WANT.

Being thankful makes you stay in the NOW, instead of past guilt and resentment trips or future worries and fears, it makes you aware of grace and by being on this high vibration also allowing great things to come to you no matter what is the present situation that you created from a lower vibration.

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