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All sessions are done via Skype or telephone, but if you live in the CT, NY or NJ area it would be beneficial to meet up in person at least once, get to know each other and go over everything that we’re trying to achieve in our sessions. I will call you no matter where you are in the world, we just have to establish a comfortable hour for the differences in time zones for both of us.

Each coaching package will include:
  • 1 hour long targeted coaching sessions via Skype or telephone
    ( Skype is required if we’re incorporating NLP into your coaching needs)
  • email support for the duration of your coaching
  • sessions valid for 24 months from the date of booking
  1. free targeted exercises and tests from session to session, meant to ignite the development of your full potential, exercises for each EQ competency you need to develop( ex personal power or awareness), as well as exercises for NLP to shift the mental frameworks and associations you make into ones that make you successful in every area of your life
  2. free diet plan advice based on the science of life Ayurveda and your specific combination of energy types and needs. In Ayurveda there are three energies that make-up the health state of our mind and body, and they are Vata(Wind), Kapha(Earth) and Pitta( Fire). Our diet should be designed to balance these energies as well as nourish us with the elements that promote the best combination for our specific type. When that happens the life force flows unimpeded in us and we feel excellent. We are also going to complement the choices here with a more popular and now declared healthiest diet-the Mediterranean Diet.
  3. free kundalini yoga developmental plan tailored to your goals as well as challenges. Kundalini yoga can help you clear all the blockages and remove unconscious limiting beliefs and fears without you even becoming aware of them, the practice is targeted towards balancing the chakras you have most problems with and it will shift you into a higher vibration and different consciousness automatically. For ex if your biggest challenge is finances, then the set of exercises will focus on the root chakra which deals with feelings of safety, material abundance and feelings of being able to provide for ourselves-( for more info read the article on chakras)
  4. free meditation programs and practices targeted to your most responsive senses, so we can get you to quiet your mind as soon as possible. We each respond with relaxation to different stimuli and here NLP can help us discover what you easily respond to, through which sense you perceive the world and we can pick and choose meditations that will help you get into that state easily
  5. free breathing techniques. Breathing is the most essential thing we can do for promoting wellbeing, but most of us don’t breathe the proper way we instead keep our breath shallow. Pranayama ( art of breathing) is essential to the practice of yoga because it is well understood that our breathing balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, it sends a calming message to the brain and the brain in turn sends beneficial chemical responses into the body. Think of how well you feel when you are relaxed, notice how your body feels, everything is slowed down and has a delicious depth to it, whereas when you are stressed out, your breath is rapid and shallow, your whole body is tense and anxiety is rushing through you.
  6. free copy of Self Confidence Ebook. Self confidence is the most valuable trait you need to develop in order to take charge of your life and create it the way you want it to be, so this e-book will teach you techniques and exercises that you can do to develop your confidence. You don’t have to be born with self confidence, you only have to commit to learn a different way of being.
  7. free copy of Developing The Success Mindset Ebook. Our mind-set is based on our beliefs and that is what attracts our experiences, our life. Our beliefs in turn are made up of repeated patterns of though, basically the process goes like this: an event happens, we are affected by it and think a thought according with what we believe to be the reality of it, then we attract another event that confirms that thought and now we get even more evidence of its reality. After a few of these experiences a belief is formed that reality works according with that thought each and every time, even though that is not true because our perception of events gives them reality not the event per se. Developing a successful mind-set with the help of NLP ensures the ability in us of creating a successful life instead of being run by destructive beliefs.
Steps in working with me:
  1. You receive 2 FREE coaching sessions when you subscribe to the newsletter so you can see how we can work together and the progress that we can make in changing your life.
  2. If you are satisfied and want to book me as your life-coach we discuss your goals and the plan for achieving them
  3. We figure out the amount of sessions needed to achieve your goals and decide on the package that you want to go with.
  4. Start our work
  5. You are responsible for being committed to the plan, you need to send me back the exercises and activities that I will have you do so that we can track your progress and make advancement. The majority of life coaches work with you on the phone for the hours booked and that is that, but I am committed to making you the best version of yourself so I will do everything in my power to unleash that great potential you have in you underneath those limiting beliefs. There is no greater joy for me than knowing that I changed somebody’s life into one of happiness and self actualization, so let’s start this awesome self discovery journey champ!!

Each subsequent coaching session will be scheduled when you fulfill the requirements for the previous one.If you have emergencies, we can wait until you find the time to get it done and then re-schedule. I will try to accommodate any situation you might be dealing with, but If I want you to succeed I need to hold you accountable for implementing the changes. I cannot help you if you don’t commit to doing your part.