Practical steps for creating a new reality

Tools for change

These can be sessions of 10-15 minutes of diving into your feelings and changing the stories and beliefs you have. Every time you go through a rough patch, refrain from every external action you might think is necessary to take and instead try to clear your emotions a little so you can come from a clearer place and be more effective in whatever you need to do. This training will get you back in touch with yourself and your life will be transformed. Get help from a professional if you need to, you might think that action solves things but it doesn’t and living unaware of yourself and your beliefs just perpetuates what you experienced up to now and keep you from living a full life. Find a quiet place and lie down, close your eyes and do the following, always following your guidance and adapting the process by doing what feels better to you:

Practical steps for creating a new reality 1st paragraph

1) Self awareness

Is the first major change you have to undergo in order to change yourself and your life. Becoming aware of your feelings without judgment, meaning without listening to the stories your Ego is trying to attach to those feelings, justifications, blame etc or try to run away from them. It is all inside of you, nobody else is to blame for what you lived or live, because what you experience in your outside reality you attract with your thoughts and emotions and those create a vibration that you radiate out and attracts like circumstances. You cannot think and feel negativity and expect the worst but then experience the opposite of that in your reality.Those rare occasions when that happens at a particular point in somebody’s life, it happens only because they are just fed up and give up the fight, they release all emotional resistance so they don’t fear anymore but instead become neutral and the universal intelligence can bring them better circumstances.

The more you repress and try to run away from facing your emotions the stronger they become and push back. They will re-appear over and over in your external reality because in reality all negative emotions are to be cherished, they point out an imbalance within us, a misalignment between who we really are and what we want and the opposite of that, which shows up in these negative circumstances or feelings we have as an opportunity for us to heal and clear them up. They are not to be considered bad or run away from, instead they are to be appreciated and thanked for the awareness of unhealthy habitual thinking patterns a.k.a beliefs that they bring. If we want different life circumstances, we first need to realize what we believe NOW about ourselves, our life and potential that led to the creation of these circumstances, and only with that awareness and a commitment to practicing new beliefs and feelings, a new way of being, we get to create what we want. Of course our Ego mind will try to fight this process and hold us back, but with intention and commitment to change nothing can stand in our way. It will be a gradual process of releasing more and more resistance and living more often in that place of positive emotions, accepting what is in the moment and knowing that we have the power to change it all around. All we have to do is feel differently about the situation by thinking thoughts that are in alignment with that which we desire until we train a new thought/feeling pattern which will create a new belief, which will create a new vibration in us that will radiate out and attract what we do want in people, events and circumstances that will reflect our inner world.Even when we will slip back from time to time, which is normal because we are creatures of habit and if we have been trained to expect negative things it will take some time until we learn a new way of being, all we have to do is forgive ourselves for that creation, find a way of accepting what is in front of us and soothe ourselves with encouraging and hopeful thoughts. There is no point in feeling guilt, blame, powerlessness, unworthiness or any low emotion because that is resistance and will only keep us stuck in that place, just accepting and being at peace is the most important thing we can do in those moments. Only from that place we can then start to raise up to hope and positive expectation then knowingness and belief in a better future manifestation.Emotion is much more powerful than thought in your process of attraction, so do anything you can to acknowledge the feelings you’re having and then soothe yourself and feel better about the situation.


Practical steps for creating a new reality 2nd paragraph

2) Feel the emotions in your body,

Locate the sensation in your body and drop negative mind stories that want to attach to it. In order to shift from negative to positive you need to feel your emotions in your body not in your head, feel the vibrations of them. Usually they manifest as tightness in your stomach or heart area, but as a general rule once you get good at this you will be able to feel the tightness around the chakras that relate to those feelings and have contracted and stagnant energy(see the article on chakras to better identify the feelings and chakra locations). Accept the experience and be grateful that your feelings are telling you what you vibrate so you can become aware and choose a new way, a way that will help you manifest your desires. Your feelings are your best tool for identifying your alignment with that larger part of you that has knowledge of everything and only focuses on what you desire, never joining you in a negative thought, because it knows that “Where focus goes, energy flows”, therefore never wanting to co-create with you unpleasant events but instead always giving you encouragement to come towards a better feeling place where all is possible.



3) Try to identify the thoughts you are thinking

That make you feel this way, what are the stories you are telling yourself? This is where you discover limiting beliefs that run your life from behind the curtains without you being aware of it happening.

Now that you know your thoughts and limiting beliefs, shift to identify what you would like to feel instead of this? What is it that would make you happy, what would you like to see in your life?




4) Shift your thought and stories to the opposite extreme.

Start telling yourself things that are in alignment with what you want instead. Start little and don’t try to make big jumps from powerlessness to joy, the most important thing is to believe these new empowering thoughts and stories and understand that it is a gradual process that requires complete honesty with yourself. No more hiding, pretending or trying to feel what you authentically don’t. Your thoughts as well as your emotions gain momentum when you’re honest with yourself and so new thoughts will be naturally followed by even better ones and better feelings and this is how you raise your vibration little by little.Keep telling yourself that you now know your negative feelings are coming from your Ego, and that it is ok and even great that you are feeling them because they make you aware of where you are in relation to where you want to be. Make a commitment to follow the positive thoughts as much as you can every day and always focus on what you want to see in the world instead of always observing negativity. In each moment try to find the best in each situation and focus only on that. We have been thought to observe reality and reflect accurate statements of what it is, and it comes so natural and easy to us to observe negativity, even when it’s not really present we somehow are artists at emphasizing it, but the problem is that that way of using our focus only attracts more negativity. Your true reality is that of vibration, everything in this universe is energy vibrating at high(positive) or low(negative) frequencies, and the only reality you have to care about is the reality that makes you feel better. The rest is an illusion created by your Ego mind which interprets reality from a low vibration of fear and shows it to you through your senses which are the interpreters of vibration. Our environment has taught us separation, lack, pain, limitation, fear and we have been living and observing that for all of our lives so now it will take a leap of faith to learn to disrespect what our senses are telling us and instead only listen and focus on what provokes good feelings in us, feelings of joy and empowerment. The added bonus is that besides creating an amazing future reality for ourselves, we will get to start living those good emotions now, and the more we can feel them now the faster they come into physical reality. Human emotion is the basis for our behavior, memory and all the decisions we make on a daily basis. We are constantly trying to either avoid pain or create pleasure, but by trying to avoid pain you create more of it while by committing to feeling peaceful and good at every moment we create more peacefulness and joy in our lives.

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