Authentic Happiness Coaching Services



Strategic Intervention Coach

Examples of challenges I can help you with as SI Coach:

Emotional suffering due to family situations; sexual intimacy issues; weight loss; transition in life stages challenges; depression and anxiety; destructive family coalitions; young adult unable to move on his own; young couple married with first child; healing marital betrayal; building presence in relationships; identity issues; career change


IMG_1530 Strategic Intervention Coach-Working with Women Specialization

Examples of common challenges I can help you with

Personal power; self esteem/body image; owning your sexuality; career guidance; sexual harassment-unfair treatment in the workplace;  raising children as a single mom; divorce; domestic violence; smart dating; weight loss; emotional suffering; depression; identity and entrepreneurial empowerment; awakening the goddess inside; marriage pressure vs career success; traumas( rape, physical, mental or emotional abuse); breakup empowerment; fixing of unfair care-taking responsibilities in the family;





Master level NLP Practitioner

 Examples of challenges I can help you as Master NLP Practitioner

Overcome negative emotions: depression, anxieties, shyness, anger, phobias, traumatic memories; become confident; improve relationships, health and self esteem; overcome learning difficulties, math anxiety, test or interview anxiety, ADD/ADHD, OCD; recover from codependency, addictions, compulsions — smoking, food, gambling, sex, alcohol





Emotional Intelligence Coach

Examples of challenges I can help you with as EQ coach

Stress management; management of all negative emotions such as depression, anxieties, blame, sadness etc; finding personal power and resilience; self awareness and behavioral control; developing others; creativity and innovation; empathy; interpersonal skills; persuasion skills; conflict management and mediation; communication skills; drive and motivation to succeed; decipher people’s intentions through body language and facial expressions; become happy and succesful




Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Challenges I can help you with as Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Tone and lose weight, circulatory system, expand lungs capacity, get rid of anxiety, depression and stress; increased flexibility; experience vitality and aliveness in your body, get rid of any pains or swelling in the body; feel joyful; develop your intuition; legs and bone issues; sexual dysfunction; stomach problems; liver and gallblader issues; thymus gland; thyroid and esophagus; nervous system; muscular system



Master Level Reiki Practitioner

 Examples of challenges I can help you as Reiki Practitioner

Stress reduction and relaxation; strenghtening of immune, circulatory and nervous system; balancing of mind and emotions; enhancing of learning, memory and mental clarity; dissipate negative emotions such as anger, fear and grief; relieve pain from migraines, sciatica, arthritis; relieve asthma and chronic fatigue and insomnia; increase the body’s ability to heal on all levels, increase vitality and postpone aging; reduce side effects of drugs or chemotherapy; restore body-mind-spirit connection


What are your dreams and desires? What type of person would you like to be? What is stopping you from having what you want? Fears, habits, addictions, limiting beliefs or detrimental behaviors?
Changing your life doesn’t happen overnight, and it requires a commitment to change how you think, how you feel and how you act in order to get the results you are seeking.
With Neuro Linguistic Programming you will gain the mentality successful people have, with Emotional intelligence you will learn how to use your emotions to empower yourself, and with Strategic intervention techniques you will know how and what actions to take at the perfect time, and achieve anything you want in life.
This is your life, and it is time you take charge of it and make it a really good one!

Strategic Intervention Coaching means helping the client take action strategically in one or multiple spheres of life (self, work, relationships) in order to shift their mindset, which in turn will create empowering emotions leading to successful behavioral patterns.The change in the individual will then give him/her the tools to influence positively the people in his/her life.

Strategies are always positive and uplifting since Strategic Intervention believes and promotes positive reinforcement. For ex you have a bad habit you want to get rid off like drinking or overeating. One of the strategies would be that every time you drink or binge eat, you also have to give and equal amount of money to homeless people or charity. The negative feelings of drinking or overeating are caused by loneliness and a feeling of not feeling enough pleasure in your life, so you condition yourself to feel better by being generous and compassionate to others. For a man that suffers from shyness in approaching women, which in reality is a fear of being rejected, a strategy might be going to a mall and asking out at least 3 females a day. After he has been rejected 3 times he can go home and do the exercise again the next day.

These strategies change the meaning we give to events and that will change how we feel, our beliefs and give us the behavior we need to achieve our goals.

Understanding your mindset so I can tailor the necessary coaching style for you:

Fire client: you like to take action and usually know what your goals are. Very determined, you want to be in charge and see results fast

Your challenges:

a)    Interpersonal skills and communication style- because you are so intense you don’t have patience and diplomacy in your interactions with others

b)    Being disorganized and pursuing too many avenues makes you feel overwhelmed quickly and give up on your dreams. Because you have great desires for excellence, if you give up your dreams you tend to spend your life oscillating between feelings of guilt and depression

Coaching for you will include:

a)    Organized lists with visual maps, explicit priorities, organizational visual tools with step by step action plans like boards and diagrams

b)    Being shown how your fiery personality and ways of doing things is hurting your relationships and helping you improve your communication patterns

Air Client: you like to dream the possibilities. Very creative and free floating, you imagine the outcomes easily

Your challenges:

a)    because you have so many dreams you cannot pursue all of them and have a lot of unfinished projects.

b)    you get distracted with new ideas all the time and when you feel overwhelmed instead of taking things apart and do them step by step you escape reality by dreaming some more

Coaching for you will include:

a)    help in forming strategic step by step plans for yourself, career and relationship areas

b)    help in getting grounded and kept accountable for doing the necessary action steps present in your plans

c)    lots of brainstorming sessions where you can excel and be creative regarding finding resources for your desired outcomes

Earth client: a lot of times you don’t know what your dreams or goals are. You have general wishes such as “ I want to be happy or I want a better job” but don’t really know what you would like to experience in order to get it. You have stable energy and value connection, trust, honesty, loyalty and principles.

Your challenges:

a)    expressing your emotions is a challenge for you and because of that people perceive you as cold

b)    you feel emotions very strongly and are very sensitive, you enjoy connection with others very much but don’t know how to build rapport

c)    letting your imagination run wild and imagine the possibilities, getting out of the safe space you create for yourself

Coaching for you will include:

a)    elevating you and including people in your life that can help you open up in new ways to life

b)    helping you build exact ways you can express your feelings towards other people in your life, after understanding their needs

c)    give you specific actions on which you can reflect emotionally and build self awareness and understand the purpose behind your actions

Water client: you are all about emotion in yourself and others. You want to feel passion in life and have defined rules, beliefs and associated behavior about how that emotion should feel

Your challenges:

a)    because you feel everything with high intensity, whenever you want something it consumes you not having it, and you fall pray to negative emotions such as hopelessness or depression easily

b)    you are very idealistic and become inefficient and impractical in life when something you want is not there

Coaching for you will include:

a)    building rituals for promoting the emotions you want to feel on a day to day basis

b)    helping you understand what your emotions mean to you, what are your rules and beliefs around them, in what circumstances these emotions triggered in you, what needs to happen for you to feel these emotions and brainstorm how you can feel them more in the future by engaging in activities that promote those emotions for you

Most efficient coaching strategies are:

1) Understanding your primary two human needs:

Certainty- need to be safe, to avoid pain and gain pleasure. We satisfy this need positively by getting a good degree and using it towards a successful career, or producing a nice income that will assure a good lifestyle. We can also satisfy this need through a negative behavior by staying stuck in unhappy work conditions or relationships out of fear of the unknown, by avoiding challenges, by stealing from others or hoarding. We all need certainty but the degree varies from person to person, according with their mental focus.

Uncertainty- need for surprises, excitement, unknown. We can satisfy this need by enjoying adventure, being spontaneous and living every moment fully, by meeting new people and finding about new things. When in crisis we can also satisfy it in negative ways by cheating, participating in extreme and dangerous sports or overeating or addictions.

Significance– need to feel special and unique. We can satisfy this need by constantly raising our standards and become a success but we can also satisfy this need by tearing someone else down or even kill. Two people might have the same acute need for significance, one will choose to satisfy it by achieving a lot the other by killing people, we can satisfy it by being the best at something or being the worst at it.

Love/connection- need to feel loved and to love. We satisfy this need by giving love and open our heart towards others but we can also satisfy it by accepting abuse and unhealthy relationships or by dominating others in the name of love.

Growth– need to continuously grow and evolve. We satisfy this need by constantly wanting to improve ourselves intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, by studying, reading, working out etc. But we can also satisfy it by creating big problems in our lives so we can always challenge ourselves to push through obstacles and never feel happy with the present moment.

Contribution– the need to contribute to society. We can satisfy this need by dedicating our life to improving other people’s life, through whatever service or passion we enjoy giving, but we can also satisfy it negatively by trying to manipulate and control people for our own selfish reasons.

2) Understanding your life stage: Throughout life we experience  psychological metamorphoses where we form new desires and have to acquire new skills in order to evolve to the next level. When we transition from one life stage to the next, for ex from being a child, a teenager or a young adult we need to get out of our comfort zone and grow on all levels. A life stage can also be life circumstances such as going through a divorce, having your first child, loss of a loved one, illness or career change. When we feel stuck in achieving the goals we have for the new life stage, we regress and develop what are called “safe problems” that will distract us and take all of our energy away. The safe problems will take responsibility away, make us feel significant and get sympathy from others. Your life stages and challenges will reflect your beliefs and personal choices, and those will depend on your gender, cultural background, career or state of health. As your coach I can help you identify what life stage are you in, your goals and your challenges for successfully transitioning it as well as help you build resources and action plans for this transition.

3) Elevation: where the coach helps the client understand what their primary needs are, the purpose behind their behavior, how they have been meeting their needs through negative vehicles, and how to instantly access resourceful emotional states that will empower them and help them achieve their goals. As I coach I need to have a vision for who you want to become or who you already are underneath  the layers of problems you come to me with. Everything we do is because we are trying to meet our needs, and when we don’t know how to meet them in positive ways we will develop destructive habits that will give some short term pleasure. Usually somebody’s biggest challenge turns out to be their biggest strength once they break through.  By identifying your needs, understanding the purpose behind your behavior, reframing your motivations and discovering your strenghts I can elevate your state and create with you the positive vehicles that will build a new life and empowered identity.

4) Metaphors: are words and phrases that represent an analogy between two objects or ideas, described by using another word or phrase. Our subconscious is constantly building desires, fears and meanings that we express through metaphors. We understand one idea and link it to another in order to better understand the concept and in this way we affect our thoughts, emotions and behavior. Of course most of us use metaphors in our own disadvantage by constantly speaking words that show an inability to change the conditions of our lives. Examples: broken heart, bag of debt, I’m stuck, cold feet, couch potato, love is a battlefield, sweet smell of success, laughter is the music of the soul etc. As a coach I am able to decipher your mental map and beliefs through the metaphors you use in your communication. After I understand what you want and how you think it is impossible for you I can help you understand your limiting beliefs, how to build empowering ones and create action plans that will move you towards your goals.

5) Overcoming self-sabotage: what it really means is that you are hesitating, turning back or giving up on your goals. You have a dream or goal but through self-sabotaging patterns you stop short from getting the outcome you want. You intend to do something, you know what the right thing to do is but you fall into a poor state of doing things that gives you some small amount of satisfaction in the short term but hurts you in the long run. We all have emotional triggers such as hunger, stress, loneliness, or anger through which we give oursleves permission to fall of track in the moment. We have emotions we want to avoid feeling and experiences but we end up repeating the self sabotaging patterns and get ourselves exactly in the unwanted situation. These inner conflicts come from a past bad experiences or something we blame ourselves for, from fear of not being enough or not being loved, from breaking our own values repetedly and assuring connection through guilt and self pity afterwards. As a coach I can help you understand your inner conflicts and the needs you are meeting through self sabotaging patterns. I can help you focus on the emotion you want to feel, the value of the outcome and build concrete plans with activities and actions that will deliver to you the empowered states you need to have in order to stay on track.

6) Finding the spark: strategy where the coach builds the vision of who their client wants to become. Emotions are our fuel and we create emotions through the physiology we assume, the thoughts we think and the meaning we give to events. If you come to coaching for depression or procrastination, as an SI coach I will help you understand what needs are you meeting through this behavior, where you started to practice the pattern (usually it is a crisis or an event that made you cope up with the situation), how you get rewarded for it in the short term and also how it is affecting you in the long run. By finding the spark you find the emotions, activities and relationships that give you strength and access to inner resources in achieving your goals.

7) Finding inner conflicts, limiting beliefs and improving toxic relationships that keep you from taking action and achieving your goals. This strategy focuses on finding detrimental behavior (addictions, video gaming, face booking, procrastination etc), toxic relationships (conflicts with family members or work colleagues), as well as the limiting beliefs that are preventing your progress. A mindset shift needs to happen as well as adopting resourceful new behaviors and interactions with people that can help you get what you want (role models, informational training, uplifting environments, supportive family members). Coalitions in families as well as detrimental loyalties to a family member often cause a person to remain immature and prevents growth in certain areas of his/her life. Ex: a mama’s boy due to his loyalty and unspoken pressure from the mother to always be a priority will cause him to push partners away because he will not be able to mature and become a man that puts his partner first.

8) Redefining problems: this strategy focuses on redefining the meaning of the problem you are faced with in order to promote action and a better state. Two people could be faced with the same problem but the meaning and the attitude they give to the problem will mean a huge difference in whether they will solve it or not. Poor meanings and attitudes give poor results and not taking action is still action. Being paralyzed with fear or helplesness is a state created by disempowering thoughts which create poor emotional states that prevent an individual from having the necessary fuel to pursue his goals. As a coach I will help you see the problem from a different angle, understand why it feels convenient for you to say you can’t change things around, focus you on solutions and your mind will start cooperating and things will change for the better.

These are only 8 out of over 60 strategies I use as a Strategic Intervention coach. Once we identify your goals and challenges we will pick the ones you need and couple them with NLP and Emotional Intelligence techniques in order to achieve results fast.

Neuro-Linguistics Programming coaching helps you drop the limiting programming you have been doing and installing new programs that brought others the results you are seeking. Instead of spending years in therapy or numbing yourself with pills, drugs, alchohol, food we will work straight with your subconscious mind modifying you way you process information so we can get different results.


NLP represents the way you affect your nervous system or neurology ( Neuro) through the communication of meaning you have with yourself or with others ( Linguistics), which results in programming of certain behaviors you will have( Programming). Everything we do, we do with a purpose of meeting our 6 human needs, and we form rules, beliefs and behaviors that we put in action in order to get those needs met. When we cannot find a way of meeting our needs through positive vehicles, we feel powerless and find detrimental vehicles that bring us the illusion of meeting the need in the short term but always harm us in the long term.

NLP teaches you:

a)    Your mental map of the world and how you uniquely take information from the outside world, represent it and process it in your internal world through the five senses (vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste). Each one of us depending on our style will process information through what is known as Submodalities(we will think in pictures, words, feelings, tastes or smells).

Example of a person processing in pictures: when you think about a happy past event, you might see yourself doing something (disassociated) or you might be looking through your own eyes (associated). You might see a movie running with different images or you might see still images. You might see the picture as being in front of your eyes and having a certain size. The qualities of these representations can be altered and a new state and program installed. Detrimental feelings can change when we play around with these qualities and a shift can happen, addictions as well as beliefs can be replaced with healthy ones

b)    Identify the negative emotions that run you over before you start engaging in the detrimental behavior, and how to access empowering emotions instead to promote the behavior you want to have. These submodalities or qualities of your thoughts affect how you feel and then behave in the world. You can change how you process them in your brain and you will change how you feel and act.

Exercise: Changing a bad feeling into a happier state

Step 1)-close your eyes and think of a situation or person that is making you unhappy. See in your mind’s eye the image of the person or event, acknowledge what you see, hear and feel in your body.

Step 2)-take the large image and make it black and white and small. Start pushing it away far off into the distance

Step 3)-open your eyes, breath deeply 3 times and close your eyes again

Step 4)- think of a memory that is opposite to that and made you feel wonderful in the past. Close your eyes and see vividly what you saw then, what you heard, how were you feeling

Step 5)-make that picture large in your minds eye with bright colors, your favorite music, feel how you felt then.

Step 6)- get into your body and feel where that good feeling starts in your body and spread that energy from head to toe. Take that feeling and spin it faster in order to intensify it and see it rushing through you rejuvenating your whole system.

Step 7)- while you are spinning this feeling think of what you would like to experience in the next weeks, what actions could you take to get more of this feeling

Exercise: Eliminating addictions or negative emotions such as binge eating and self pity. At every step say it out loud and then write down your answers on a piece of paper.

Step 1)- start by declaring what you want and what you will no longer allow

The statement is I,   , see, hear, feel and know that I will not indulge in binge eating( behavior) and (emotions )of self pity ever again.

Step 2) ask yourself, why? Why will I never indulge in this? Come up with all the reasons you have for wanting to stop and write them down. Identify what indulging in this emotion costs you.

Step 3) ask yourself what is this emotion really? What needs am I trying to meet through this detrimental behavior or emotion?

Step 4) what do you have to forget in order to indulge in that emotion? Ex: to forget that you can do better, have willpower and determination, deserve to be happy and healthy etc. State your own reasons, it can be anything from being good, being loved, being God etc

Step 5) all you need to really focus on is what? All you need to really remember is what? Ex: that I am able to overcome this, that I am strong, that I can get help and make the process easier, etc. Again state your own reasons.

Step 6- what is your life going to be like from now on? What actions are you going to take starting this moment? Make a detailed plan for how, when and what activities you will follow for the next 30 days.

Step 7- keep this piece of paper in your wallet or do the list on your phone and read it every time you are in a poor state and want to fall off track

A habit takes around a month to be installed at an unconscious level so that it becomes an automatic behavior for us, make a detailed plan and commit to following it for 30 days.

If at any moment you fall off track, you have to penalize yourself every time and give $100 to a homeless or charity cause. Then commit to doing twice the effort the next day. So, if you have one day where you slack off and eat junk food or do not exercise, you give $100 away and the next day you eat only fruit for a day and you exercise 2 hours instead of 1. Or if you indulge in a negative emotion such as self pity, you give the money away, think about how happy you made that person, and the next day immerse yourself in gratitude journaling, reading or watching uplifting material and doing small acts of kindness for the people around you.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to identify, use, understand, and manage emotions in positive ways to become resilient to stress, communicate effectively with anyone, empathize with others, manage conflict and build relationships based on collaboration, trust and efficiency.Emotional Intelligence matters as much as IQ, if not more, in achieving happiness and succes in life. The great thing is that EQ is a learnable skills, and you can become a master at human communication and interaction. EQ pervades all aspects of your daily life, the way you behave and communicate with others. By understanding your emotions and those of other people you are able to express how you feel and understand how other people feel and build stronger relationships. In the workplace we all know that the people who succed are the ones that are better at leading, motivating and insipiring others to be their best. Many companies consider EQ as important as technical skills required for the job because they understand that no matter how smart an employee is, it will not benefit the company if he does not have EQ skills. It affects your physical health since stress is the number one cause of heart attack and stroke, weakening of the immune system and central nervous system, it speeds up the aging process and leads to infertility. It also affects your mental health through depression, anxiety, lack of motivation and creativity.


Exercise for building self awareness:

When I woke up this morning I was feeling ______________ and _______________ and _____________.

While I was commuting to work/school I was feeling ________________ and ___________________ and ___________________.

When I first got to work/school I was feeling _______________________ and ____________________________.

By mid-morning I was feeling ________________ and _____________________.
At lunch time I was feeling __________________ and _____________________.
By mid-afternoon I was feeling ___________________ and _________________.
While commuting home I was feeling _________________ and _________________.

When I first got home I was feeling ____________________ and __________________.

After dinner I was feeling ____________________ and _________________________.

As I was preparing for bed, I was feeling ________________ and _________________

After a week of journaling the above, take the notebook and see which emotions you feel more often and answer the questions below. Make a plan for what can you do to control the unwanted emotion and instead feel more of the desired emotions.

Kundalini Yoga was introduced in US by Yogi Bhajan in the 1960′s and it is the most powerful yoga out there giving results 16 times faster than any other type of yoga, having as it’s main goal true understanding of the self and the universe.

Also called the Yoga of Desire or Shakti energy( the divine feminine creative energy),  it is the representation of the powerful sexual energy in us, therefore some of the first benefits of this practice will be more sensuality and enjoyment of sexuality.

Kriyas in Kundalini Yoga are exercises done in a particular sequence and they can employ asanas (postures), movement, pranayama (breathing exercises) with the famous “breath of fire”, bandhas (body locks), mantras (sound vibrations), mudras (hand positions), laya yoga (yoga of rhythm and sound).

The strengthening of the physical body will happen automatically and it is meant to produce also a unified connection between body-mind-and spirit.You will tone and lose weight, have a slower heart rate, improve your lungs capacity, get rid of anxiety and stress, experience vitality and aliveness in your body, get rid of any pains or swelling in the body, feel joyful and have a balanced emotional body. It basically cures ANYTHING, dis-ease is just the opposite of ease and flow of energy in us, and kundalini yoga restores that natural condition of well-being.



























The word Reiki is from Japanese and comes from two words – Rei- meaning “Universal Wisdom or Spiritual Consciousness” and Ki- meaning “life force energy”. It is the life force energy that animates every living thing.

Reiki can be translated as spiritually guided life force energy or the universal wisdom that knows everything and therefore can guide the life force for the benefit of all involved.It is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that can promote any type of healing.

Reiki uses the electromagnetic energy of the biofield of the practitioner, as transmitter, as well as the biofield of the patient, as  receiver, and through energetic vibrations engages all body systems,  shifting the body from domination by the “fight or flight” (stress) response to the relaxation response. Because the human body has an ability to heal itself, known as homeostasis, Reiki activates self-regulating mechanisms that restore the overall balance.

Physical body

1. Promotes and accelerates our bodies own natural ability to heal any type of disease
2. Promotes restful and deep sleep
3. Balances our energy centers (Chakras) in the body, therefore promoting health at the organs and bodily functions
4. Strengthens the immune system allowing it to better deal with daily stress and viruses and helps with releasing addiction
5. Removes toxins from the body and relieves pain-headaches, backaches, relaxing the muscles
6. Relaxes and reduces stress
7. It is used along with conventional health practices and medicine and also in hospitals

Mental body

1. Releases blocked and suppressed feelings and emotions, relaxing our mind and improving our ability to focus positively towards our goals
2. Improves the ability to concentrate, clarity of the mind and better decision making abilities
3. Enhances personal awareness and interpersonal skills, due to decreased levels of stress
4. Boosts creativity, improves memory and energy levels

Emotional body

1. Releases fears and phobias, anxiety and stress
2. Promotes self love, self esteem and confidence
3. Balances emotions and helps one naturally radiate positivity due to increased energetic frequency
4. Enhances social skills and promotes peaceful interactions

Spiritual body

1. Increases intuition and psychic abilities
2. Helps tap into true potential and inner knowledge
3. Brings deep connection with oneself, fostering enlightenment

Live your life passionately!