About Madalina

Hello beautiful souls and welcome to your new life, glad to have you here…

about madalina


My name is Madalina, and I would be delighted and honored to co-create with you the space needed for a remembering of your power, infinite potential and birthright for happiness and fulfillment.

Exactly like you I spent most of my life trying to do the best I could with what I knew at the time, and always had a pervasive feeling that life has to be and offer more than what I was receiving through hard work and struggle. I intuitively knew that I should be able to follow my passion for understanding human behavior and the secret to living a happy and abundant life, by doing what I love and making this world a better place through coaching. BUT not until I wasted several years going for “prestigious” fields( Law and then Business school), I started realizing how limited my perception regarding possibilities in life was. How I was always trying to follow the rational, societal norms while disregarding my own happiness. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there is something wrong with those fields, what I mean is that we buy into this pre-conceived ideas of how we can be succesful, thinking that the lifestyle that we want can be achieved only through certain avenues. One of the flawed excuses we use for not living the life we want, is saying that we lack the resources( time, money, talent, intelligence,background etc) when in fact resourcefulness and passion is all we need to succed. When we love what we do and are determined to succed, nothing will be too hard or impossible and the most amazing thing is that the universe aligns for us the opportunities to fulfill those desires once we commit to our dreams.

How was I supposed to be happy when my negative beliefs told me that the circumstances I considered essential to enjoying life( having money to afford a wonderful lifestyle or achieving a respected social status) could come to me only if I followed the traditional well-established fields of Law or Business? I was living with a feeling of disappointment in what life has to offer and disappointment and anger at myself for not being able to figure out how to have the life I wanted so badly.


ego( about madalina 1st paragrapg)The ego will tell us scary stories of scarce resources and possibilities or of limited potential in oneself and life, holding us prisoners. I could have very well listened to my heart’s desires of working with people from the beginning, all the signs were there since childhood. I grew up in a loving family that valued caring for one another above anything else, I’ve always been a voracious reader of anything that had to do with empowerment and self development. I enjoyed reading autobiographies of successful people and discovering their secret and the mental focus that helped them achieve what they wanted. These people, no matter the circumstances they had to face found a way of discovering their true identity, what they wanted in life and also managed to create fortunes around those new found passions.

My transformation started over 10 years ago when I got introduced to the fields of Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and NLP and learned about the power of emotions and the mental associations we make regarding possibilities in self and life. I began to understand how our mental and emotional states create different brain chemistries that totally shift one’s perspective in life. These states guide our actions and decisions, moving us from depression to total empowerment and a successful life or viceversa. I started studying NLP and EQ techniques and got certified in them, and read inspirational authors such as Deepak Chopra, Matthiew Ricard, Wayne Dyer, Esther Hicks, Anthony Robbins, Napolean Hill. Afterwards the path of evolution continued by exposing me more to the work of Anthony Robbins, who I completed my Strategic Intervention Coach training with. I wanted to learn from the best in the field, so I can give myself a solid base and the chance of growing and becoming one of the best through my own contributions to the field of coaching and Positive psychology.I consider Tony a role model, not only on a professional level but also as a human being. This man has one of the most beatiful souls this planet has ever seen, he coached over three million people facing all sorts of situations from suicide to finacial or relationship problems, and changed their life in amazing ways in an incredible timeframe, from 1 hr to 4-5 hrs. NLP is an amazing tool for identifying our mind constructions and changing them into succesful ones, whereas EQ is tremendous in building self awarness and teaching us how to use our emotions in order to achieve succes.Later on, I became interested in Quantum Physics and our true nature. These two fields give scientific evidence for the vibrational nature of the universe and vibrational beings that we are( Quantum P) as well as the scientific tools to identify the creative genius we all have inside, the potential for greatness into which unfortunately only few of us tap into due to disbelief in our own capacity(Positive P).
I am currently pursuing a Master in Applied Positive Psychology and planning on completing my Phd as well in the future, with a focus on researching how we can tap into our creative genius as well as what authentic happiness means and how each of us can achieve it.
These are timeless principles that all sages and wisdom teachers have been talking about for ages but that I, and most of us, totally disregard because we have been taught to believe that the external reality we perceive with our senses( vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste) is fixed and we don’t have any input into what is coming at us. Due to an aversion to organized religion, I had a very distant relationship with the universal intelligence in the past and felt powerless and lonely. I was an atheist and saw any association to spirituality as a way of manipulating people and commit crimes in the name of a figure in the sky that seemed to want to be worshipped, was judgmental and didn’t care about the pain that most of us are going through here. To me such a God did not mean anything because deep down I always cherished love and I could not understand how an intelligent being that creates all of us and this universe would act like that. Moreover, worshipping that kind of entity did not make any sense and was revolting me. So, because of this belief in a cold, judgmental God I perceived the world as a harsh place and I was angry or depressed. I did not understand what is the purpose of life. I knew that I wanted so much more and that all of us should be free to express who we are, and be happy by contributing to the world through our diverse interests and joys in life, but everything around me seemed to show a “reality” opposite to that, with only a few lucky ones finding the secret to happiness. Back then I didn’t know that each one of us creates “our reality” through our thoughts and emotions, that we vibrate according with these thoughts and emotions, and we send into the universe these vibrations which in turn bring back to us the essence of those thoughts and emotions. I felt powerless because my perceptions and beliefs were coming from a strong separated ego juicing up the negative stories and perpetuating my negative beliefs and fears. That in turn would attract more evidence in my external reality of my beliefs and so I was keeping myself in a vicious cycle of disappointment, anger and powerlessness.

Love( the second paragraph about madalina)Luckily, the strong resistance in me was complemented by a stronger desire for love, and  the universe could fix the troubling situations my ego was creating by having a wonderful family or people show up in my life exactly at the right moments and help me cope up with these feelings or overcome obstacles. The majority of people go through life feeling hopeless and powerless, creating the same negative experiences without realizing how they do it. Plenty of people create tremendous painful situations in their lives( grave illnesses, financial losses, addictions, unfulfilling relationships etc) due to unconscious limiting beliefs coming from their ego. Until they realize that they are creating their painful reality, that everything happening in their external world comes from their vibration and decide to take charge of their mind and focus it differently, they will continue to drift through life creating and attracting people, events and life circumstances unconsciously and then concluding  that they are powerless and at the mercy of the external world.

My passion in life is empowering people and helping them remember who they truly are so they can enjoy life, since that is why we come here in this plane of existence. We are vibrational beings first and foremost, focused sparks of energy in these physical bodies, intertwined with a larger infinite and loving intelligence which is here to serve us, it is like a genie orchestrating synchronicities to bring everything we want as long as we can stay aligned with it in positive feelings. The nature of the universe is loving, friendly, abundant and joyful and our only task here is to be willing to change the way we think and most importantly feel about ourselves and life.To make a conscious decision that the most important thing is enjoying life and keeping our vibration aligned with those good things we want, to focus our minds on gratitude every moment, on the outcomes we want and know that in time we are getting everything we want. We are empowered and free beings at our core, able to create exactly the circumstances we want in our lives. The universe is based on polarity so each desire has the possibility of manifesting what is wanted through desire or unwanted through fear. Our mental and emotional focus brings either one into existence, depending where we think and feel all day- in the direction of the wanted outcome or in the direction of the fear of not having it. Each moment we have a choice of aligning with our ego and focusing on negativity or aligning with our true source of joy and well-being and creating amazing lives. “Where focus goes, energy flows”- so be very wise in choosing your focus.

It is as simple as that.

You are here for a reason, you are ready to take yourself to the next level of LIVING instead of bouncing through life powerless, aimlessly run by your limited fearful ego mind. Take the chance because you deserve it ALL, you can have it ALL and it is ALL in your power.